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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello! Ok, so for the last few weeks I have been promising and promising to share some of baby Allegra's nursery details with you all. Most of you have probably already had a good sticky beak if you saw my little feature in the current issue of Adore Magazine. But for those of you who waited oh-so-patiently for months (while Allegra's gender remained a surprise) to hear about all of my purchases for the nursery, this post is for you :)

This stunning patchwork minky from
Sew fun by Monique is what set the colour
inspiration for the entire nursery!

Moroccan Pouffes from the
lovely Louise @ Table Tonic,
'Hampen rug' from Ikea.

'Love print' in candy bubble gum by
Made by Girl, 'You are my sunshine'
screen print from Jess Gonacha and
'Spring Songbirds' print in lavender

Allegra's beautiful handmade
'Nesting Sparrow Love Dream Catcher'
from Nooshka.

And this absolutely darling handmade
'Velveeteen Kitty' also from Nooshka...
I adore both of these items!

The nest even came complete with healing crystals!

A full view...

Paper lanterns from Ikea!

Cushion covers, front to back...
Lavender 'Bird on cherry blossom' from Joom,
'Loopy Vintage' in fuschia custom made by
Sew fun by Monique to match the patchwork minky
and 'Pearl Bracelet' in orange by Vida Style.

Another shot of the patchwork minky!

Cushion covers, front to back...
'Twin adorable owls' by KainKain
Again, the 'Loopy Vintage' in fuschia and
'Amy Butler Sandlewood 'in lavender
by Asmus Home Interiors.

Creating Allegra's open closet was as simple as
purchasing these Lack Shelves from Ikea
and the railing from a local hardware store.

Baby pink and white 'Zebra Print'
cushion from Mi Casa Bella.

Close up of shelves.

Goodies from Nanny G!

Sundress from a little shop in Bali
and Plum Baby 'Flamingo' sunsuit

There you have it my friends, I think I have covered most of the details! If I have forgotten something or if you have any other questions you would like answered just shout :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing little Miss Allegra's nursery in a little more detail. We have Allegra and her cot sleeping in our master bedroom for the time being but I'm hoping once we move her in she will love the room I have created for her!

Happy hump day! x


  1. How gorgeous - everywhere I look! Love the idead of the open shelves and the clothes hanging from one. All the handmade toys are adorable, as are the prints. Well done - Allegra is a lucky baby girl. Sonia :) (Same name!)

  2. Gorgeous!!! Simple but absolutely stunning nursery for a little princess!

  3. Ciao Sonja My name is Monica, I'm an Italian graphic designer and mum.
    I've just subscrived to your blog because you have my same tastes for beauty and design. I love everything in your home. Allegra's room is delightfull (how a beautiful italian name!!!Allegra!)see you every morning, bye!

  4. The room itself is to die for and then you made it warm and sweet! Congrats on your darling little girl...almost makes me want another one:)


  5. i love the nursery! it's so simple, modern, and clean! i especially love the giant window and open closet.. what a great idea! and what a lucky baby ;)

  6. seriously the best nursery i have ever seen! Its pretty, girly, spacious & modern & stylish all at the same time. I think you should start a business as a nursery decorator. seriously!

  7. Lucky Girl! I adore the dream catcher- so sweet ;) Samie

  8. Wow how gorgeous. What a very lucky girl.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. I love how clean it is in these pics. What a great idea to opt for that couch.

  10. GORGEOUS nursery! LOVE IT. It's so warm even though it's so white and definitely a space she can grow up in. What a clever idea to have her clothes hang like that, and how neat! the hangers are so perfect - my brother works retail and his cloest looks like that from fixing hangers all day :) LOL

  11. So beautiful Son! I love all the colours with the white and the hand made items make it so individual! Xx

  12. So adorable, what a lucky little girl to have such a gorgeous space. You are very clever!

    I hope you are enjoying every minute with your baby girl xx

  13. The most beautiful nursery. ever. Congratulations on the arrival of Allegra :) xoxo

  14. Oh my gosh! What a beautiful nursery!

  15. wow! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE ur nursery, we are in the middle of fixing our baby girl's nursery and this is a great inspirations!!! I love everything in there, the colors, the pillow and the lil baby closet..*drools!


  16. Simple but absolutely stunning nursery for a little princess! Love it!

  17. Absolutely fabulous nursery Son - the best I've seen after searching for inspiration! You've done an excellent job...simply love all the little toys. Goodies from Nanny G are very, very cute - any chance you know where they're from or can find out and please share? I simply love the elephant!! Love it!!!

  18. Hi Nora! Thanks for your lovely comments! We've since moved but Allegra's new room looks very similar to this one, the items were to good (and too new) not to use again. As for the horse and elephant, they are from Kate Finn. You can order online and there are HEAPS to choose from. Here's the link: xoxo

  19. the open closet is beautiful!

    would you mind sharing your source for the curtains? i love the color.

  20. Hi tearing up houses, the curtains were from a curtain maker/upholsterer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recommended to me by someone in the condo we used to live in. Given we have since moved countries I am afraid I don't even have the details anymore :{ Sorry I couldn't be more help! x


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