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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello my friends! Firstly, might I say an enormous thank-you to all of you who sent your kind words and gorgeous wishes regarding both the birth of our precious baby girl and my feature interview in the latest issue of Adore Magazine... it really means so much and has only added to the magic of the last two weeks!

I know, I have been super slack with my blog posts lately BUT I have THE BEST excuse in the world... how can anyone NOT want to give their undivided attention to something so sweet, innocent (for now anyway), and beautiful... these pictures of our darling Allegra Isobel Bouw say it all...

Allegra @ 12 days old...

Would you look at those lips! Allegra @ 13 days old.

I know I am yet to share the story of her birth as well as the details of her nursery but I do promise I WILL do this next week! But for now I thought I would share a few snaps from the last couple of weeks... it has been filled with many 'first times' for us as a family!

Mr B and I leaving the hospital with our beautiful baby girl!

Mumma & Dadda Bouw on our first
lunch date with little miss Allegra!

Taking Allegra to see the Christmas displays...
the fact that she slept through the whole thing
didn't dampen our spirits in the slightest :)


Cuddle time!

AND today marks another special occasion... 5 years ago today Mr B and I 'officially' began dating :) I wish I could say we will be celebrating a romantic evening just the two of us but instead we will be spending it with 700 others at his work's annual Chrissy do! It is a masquerade theme and I have had literally had no time to shop for a new frock so will have to wear something I already own... however I unexpectedly managed to pick up a new mask on my way to making a very quick and unexciting trip to the chemist!

I am thinking of teaming up the mask with this dress, these shoes and accessories I already own... what do you think?!

I'll let you know what I decide on. Have a beautiful weekend and I'll see you back here very soon!

P.S Did I mention this will be the first time I will be rocking a frock since giving birth 14 days ago... eeek!

P.P.S It's not all that bad... the post-pregnancy gods must seriously love me because I have lost almost 9kgs in 2 weeks!!!


  1. Love the outfit choice! & what a beautiful baby girl you have.


  2. Beautiful, looks like you are enjoying it! Love the shoes for the Christmas party! Samie XX

  3. hot outfit son! You'll have to show us a pic of the 2 of your dressed for the party!

  4. Love the 'cuddle' photo - Allegra looks so angelic in all these photos. Enjoy the 'firsts' and take advantage of your sleeping bub and do lots of lunches and trips to the shops. Your home feature by the way was amazing!! So excited for you. Have a fantastic time out tonight x

  5. She is so beautiful and you look great!!

    Enjoy the party :)

  6. Oh Son, Allegra is PERFECT! She is so so gorgeous! I love her little white flower headband :) And you my dear, look stunning for someone who just gave birth 2 weeks ago!!! And 9kg in 2 weeks....YOU WILL ROCK THAT DRESS SONJA! You're a beautiful Mumma & I can't wait to hear about & see all the adventures you get up to with that gorgeous little girl :)

  7. Hi Son,

    Little miss allegra is sooo adorable. She look so cute ! And you look oh so gorgeous just 14 days after giving birth ??? Wow !

  8. you look amazing! wow! who'd say you just gave birth 2 weeks ago?!! Congrats to your weight loss as well:) Love the outfit & gorgeous shoes.

  9. awwwww Son she is adorable!! You both must be so proud.I gained 20 kgs with Sofia and lost it very fast like you.It wouldn't surprise me if you end up being a few kgs lighter than you pre preggas weight.You will look devine in that dress. x

  10. She's precious and you're holiday party outfit looks awesome, can't believe you just pulled that out of your closet! Congrats on your beautiful little buddle of joy!


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