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Friday, December 17, 2010

Despite having indulged in only one measly glass of champagne in the last 8+ months (this one glass was enjoyed last Friday night, two weeks after giving birth!) I am usually fond of a glass, and occasionally, a bottle or two! And although it's been a while, I am still oh so familiar with the equation alcohol + stilettos = a drunk, stumbling, shoeless, not-so-classy lady, with sore, blistering (and dirty) feet! We've all been there right?! :P

SO given tis the season to be tipsy, um I mean jolly, I had to share this genius creation with you...'Tipsy Toes' (loving the name) offer four fashionable styles of light weight, flexible-sole shoes that are made to fold up so that they are compact enough to fit into your bag! How nifty is that?! Wouldn't these make a perfect gift (and totally affordable at $19.95 per pair) for those ladies in your life who might have a tendency to equal the above equation or those of you who cannot begin to fathom dancing your nights away in 5inch heels! Or perhaps for any of you brides to be?!

Check them out!

My personal favorite, snow leopard.

Bright spark silver.

Black Noir


Sheer brilliance right! But are you thinking what I'm thinking... why didn't WE all think of this sooner?! :)

Visit the Tipsy Toes website for more info!

Have a beautiful weekend! x


  1. What a great idea for when you're thinking "I can't stay standing in these heels for a minute longer!" :)

  2. They are a great idea!! I've seen many ladies at the races who could have done with a pair of these. :) Sonia

  3. Haha Son, those days are long gone for a while now :)

    Very cute and a great price too!


  4. Very ingenious indeed. It's almost affordable to get them all lol

  5. Oh love them. What a great idea. I think the black ones are my favourites.


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