Allegra Isobel Bouw is 8 weeks old!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Creative Mumma and one of my fav fellow bloggers, Nicole from Bubby Makes Three, is the inspiration behind the below idea! Nicole records the growth of her gorgeous bubba boy, Elliott, by taking a monthly pic of him and then photoshopping his age onto the photo. Brilliant right?! Well I've decided to take a leaf out of Nicole's mummy book and do the same for my beautiful Allegra! Here are a couple of snaps taken of Allegra who turned 8 weeks old a few days ago! I might be biased but is she not gorgeous?!

Allegra Isobel Bouw

Everyone is always shocked when I tell them how old Allegra is! Maybe it's THAT head of hair?! She is thriving indeed and obviously getting everything she needs (and some) from Mummy's milk! My little baby is not so little anymore. Although it's funny you know, I never really felt like Allegra was much of a 'baby' baby at all... does that make sense? To me she is a beautiful old soul with such a strong character. She really is quite the little lady already, so switched on and not wanting to miss a thing. I feel like her and I have always known each other and that she has always been a part of my life. It is such a special thing to feel so connected to my darling daughter. I love her so much. Our little miss has brought us so much joy in just these passed eight weeks and I look forward to sharing snippets of that joy with you all! x


  1. She is just gorgeous!! I love all of that hair! = ) So cute.

  2. Not only is she BEAUTIFUL, but her fashion sense is fabulous! Thanks for sharing, what a sweet little face to see first thing Monday morning!

  3. oh my! she is most gorgeous! Congratulations again and again xx

  4. She is beautiful and precious (well its hard not to be with such genes! :D)
    I cannot wait to become a mummy soon as well (no, not yet..) it must be the most amazing thing on the planet! :)Take full advantage of every second, they grow up so fast... :D

  5. She is just adorable and getting so big!! I love her hair, she's a cutie :)

  6. Allegra is gorgeous! Enjoy this time xx

  7. A gorgeous little girl you have there!

  8. OMG, looks at that hair...and those eyes :) She truly is perfect!!
    And....I know what you mean about feeling like you've always known each other...there truly is a magic between Mummy & Daughter I swear!
    Cherish it all Son!
    She's gorgeous!

  9. Love it! And think how cool all 12 pics would look at the end of the year all laid out in a set for a picture frame?
    I totally know what you mean about 'old soul' -- I feel like little Elli-boo was NEVER really a tiny newborn... after the first week, anyway! Its lovely (but sort of sad) how quick they grow, isn't it? Thats why you get a little 'burnt' with your first child with having waaaay too many clothes and end up with stuff they never even wore!
    Allegra certainly does have a head-o-hair... but just think of the hair clip possibilities!!! So gorgeous.

  10. She is sooo sweet. I did the same thing with my son and I love how the pictures look, now that he turned one. I meant to ask, I saw an owl print in your you remember where you bought it from? Thanks so much. Enjoy every minute, they grow way tooooo fast.

  11. Thanks for your sweet comments my ladies... we certainly think she is something else :)

    Anonymous: The owl print you spotted in Allegra's nursery is fron Etsy seller Yumi yumi... Aline has so many lovely prints for sale! Here's the link the her shop :)x

  12. Es muy muy guapa!!

  13. ooo, allegra is just darling! so glad i just discovered your blog via glitter and gold. you and your family are just gorgeous!! and, j'adore your blog too ;)


    ps. i own some yumi yumi art too...isn't she just the greatest?

  14. aw she's precious! dont they just grow so fast?!! it's like a blink of an eye she'll be running around helping you decorate your house :)

  15. She is so precious Son, enjoy every moment x


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