Thank-you Jennifer Ramos!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unless you have been sleeping under a very large rock for the passed few years, I don't think I need to introduce Jennifer Ramos to anyone frequenting the blogosphere. We all know that she is a blog goddess/designer-extraordinaire, one very talented gal indeed. And what I also know is that she is as lovely, as thoughtful and as giving as she comes across on her blog. Jen and I have shared a few emails over the months and late last year, I did Jen the teeniest favour and sent her an issue of CLEO Malaysia (which she sweetly blogged about here) that she was featured in as she was unable to get her hands on a copy all the way from Nevada.

I of course expected absolutely nothing in return... SO you can imagine my absolute delight when weeks later a mystery package arrived in the mail. Inside was a gorgeous card (designed by Jen herself) some gorgeous little socks for Allegra and a wrapped item from Antropologie!!! Yes Anthropologie! I have long admired MANY goodies from this well know store but have never made a purchase. Not one. So I was super excited to see what was beneath the wrapping! Inside was this darling and unique 'Looking for a friend' stuffed horse for Allegra! How special! I love that is isn't your typical stuffed animal toy not to mention it is just perfect for her nursery! Although the colours do go beautifully in our lounge room too... Allegra may have to share horsey with Mummy :)

'Looking for a friend horse' from Anthropologie.

How thoughtful is that?! What a gorgeous gift from a gorgeous and generous woman! Thanks again so much Jen, Allegra and I are very thankful indeed! And to you my land of blogs... thank-you for the random acts of kindness that blogging brings each day... you and my fellow bloggers will never cease to amaze me! x


  1. What a wonderful suprise ! Jen is really the sweetest =)

  2. Oh, that's so sweet!! Jen is so lovely!
    And your {I mean Allegra's hehehe} new horse is so cute! What a sweet little treasure :)

  3. What a lovely gesture! Hope all is well with you and your gorgeous Allegra x

  4. what a sweetheart she is..and a gorgeous present:) xx

  5. Wow! she certainly is a great person....the saying does go give and you will receive:) have a great week ahead.


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