Allegra Isobel Bouw is 12 weeks old!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Over the weeks I have had a few of you, my bloggy friends, ask how the gorgeous Allegra is doing so I thought I would share her monthly photos (which I blogged about here) with you! These were taken on Friday... yes that's right, my darling baby girl is 12 weeks old! Would you look at that face! *sigh...

What can I tell you about our little lady?! Well... she really is the sweetest thing, so poised and mature at such a young age! She's a little chatterbox (baby talk of course :P) with already so much to say. Her coos and squeals give me warm fuzzies. Most say she looks exactly like Daddy Bouw although we are still fairly certain she will be blonde in only a matter of time. She very rarely cries and her giggles make my heart melt. Never have I known a baby who loves a bath as much as our gorgeous Allegra... she sure knows what it means to be pampered so Daddy and I joke and call bath time the 'Day Spa'. There is nothing better than seeing her smiling face when she wakes each morning and nothing quite like the innocence and purity she emanates when she falls asleep in my arms each night. Boy do I love her to pieces. Motherhood truly is something else. As is our Allegra Isobel.

So my friends, this adorable little creature is the reason I have been a little slack with posting of late... but can you blame me?! :)

I hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend! x


  1. She is SOOOO adorable Sonja!! Enjoy every precious moment with her :)

  2. Ahhhhh she is so perfect! And you sound like such a happy mommy! I'm truly so happy for you! You make me wanna get pregnant right away! :D
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Heck, its been 6 months and Im STILL slack about my blog! Totally understand... and she is gorgeous. Nice outfit, too! But I'm a little disappointed, surely there's a blowout-on-leather-couch, throwing-up-over-black-dress story in there somewhere?!!!?!!? ;)

    You have reminded me how tardy I have been about poor Elliott, I think he turned 24 weeks about 24 weeks ago, must post his 6 month pic. Time just speeds away, doesnt it?


  4. Thanks ladies! :)

    And Nicole, sorry to disappoint you. Besides coughing up a little bit of milk every now and again, Allegra has never really thrown up... and she is a good sleeper... and the blowouts we have encountered have happened on the change table. But for some reason other parents hate hearing that :P If it makes you feel any better she is not much of a lady when it comes to letting one rip :) AND yes time flys... but I am loving the pics of your two cherubs modelling your divine range. I MUST purchase something from you soon! x

  5. are you kidding me me!? You have the MOST perfect baby girl I have ever seen, beyond perfect! Bless her! xo

  6. Sonia she is just adorable, she has more hair than my 19month old girl, how cute! It's such a shame they don't get to stay like that for long but on the other hand it's amazing watching them grow! Take care, xx

  7. Oh Son! 12 weeks already??? She's DIVINE and getting more & more divine by the week :)
    What a little treasure!
    P.S. a little shout out to you over at my blog today :)

  8. Oh my goodness! What a precious little doll she is Sonja. I love how her name suits her so well. And don't apologize if she's been easy so far... my eldest was the easiest baby and he's an easy 17 yr old now. We get lucky sometimes. xo


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