My feature interview in Liminas Magazine!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Liminality: The transitional time or condition in which one is not what it was and not what it will become, but something in between.

Liminas: {Lim} {in} {oss}
A term coined (by Liminas creators Lauren Isobel & Ashley Taylor) to describe woman who are living in a liminal space, somewhere between adolescence and adulthood.

And so the name of their new online magazine/magblog was born!

We all know that virtual page flicking is so hot right now BUT unlike the majority of other new online magazines, Liminas brings something new to our screens. Considered more of a 'magblog' Liminas shares and discusses all the hot topics from style, health and beauty, to career and living.

"With Liminas we wanted something organic– we want to share our struggles and conquests, our stories and observations, our mistakes made and lessons learned–essentially, we wanted to share our lives, and like a good friend, we wanted to share them with you. From that ideology the magazine (a term we use loosely) was born."

And my friends, little ol' me is lucky enough to be featured in the wonderful first issue of this gem-of-a-read! Go on, check it out now! Click HERE to visit the Liminas homepage and HERE to read my feature interview! Enjoy :) x


  1. Ooooh, exciting. Am off to have a looksie...

  2. Oh Son, Congrats!! What a great interview! You are amazing! And your home decorating talents SHOULD be featured everywhere!
    You go girl!
    P.S. How's that gorgeous little girl of yours?

  3. Good for you Sonja, off to have a read...

  4. Congratulations Sonja!!!

  5. Thanks so much for your support Sonja!! We loved hearing about your life and its especially inspiring for women out there looking to explore the world! We hope everyone enjoys your article as much as we did!



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