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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the hunt for some new bed linen, I was delighted to stumble upon the new 'Create your own bed' tool via POP by Sheridan. With the simple click of your mouse you can choose your bed size and then create as many different combos as you like by mixing and matching the duvet cover, pillow cases and sheets! It's great fun being able to use your imagination as well as letting the interior-designer-within loose! Unfortunately I was unable to save the images I created but here are some looks created by others just to give you and idea...

Do you get the gist?! And having purchased Sheridan bed linen in the past (we currently have it in our guest bedroom) I can assure you the quality is wonderful and will last you years! The only problem is settling on just one look as Sheridan's POP range has over 40 colours and designs to choose from! To try your hand at creating your very own look, click here! Enjoy! x


  1. Yeah, I saw this somewhere recently, too! I think its just come out or is just about to come out in Oz. I really need to evolve from my various shades of white linen. When Im really brave I go with pattens..... on white! But I do love sleeping in white, so peaceful. x

  2. What a brilliant concept - I can't wait to have a play around. Thanks for sharing this cool idea!

  3. This is a great idea! I'm in the market for new linens for our guestroom and can't wait to check this site out. :)

  4. I am looking for a basic white pillow cases with a zipper.I also love these design but I normally use white color.


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