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Friday, February 4, 2011

nn.pl fan•cies
1. The mental faculty through which whims, visions, and fantasies are summoned up; imagination, especially of a whimsical or fantastic nature.
2. An image or a fantastic invention created by the mind.
3. A capricious notion; a whim.
4. A capricious liking or inclination.
5. Critical sensibility; taste.
6. Amorous or romantic attachment; love.

This Friday I fancy:

Love these Tory Burch
And how fun are these
also from Tory Burch!

This Caroline Bracelet in peach
by Etsy seller Devon Baer

Loving this War of the Roses necklace
from Tilkah.

which were part of my Christmas gifts
from my little sis... they're super cute
and look great on display in our kitchen!

This Magenta World Map would be perfect
for Allegra's nursery... what a stylish way
to learn about geography!

And lastly, oh how I fancy suffering from
proud parent syndrome...

And showing off my beautiful beautiful
little Miss Allegra Isobel @ 10 weeks!

I know it has been light years since I have done one of these weekly Friday posts but it's awfully hard not to give majority of my attention to my divine little lady! This post is dedicated to Kathryn, who emailed me last night confessing that she misses my Fancy Friday posts as well as my regular posts giving me a friendly kick up the bum to show my blog some love and attention! Thanks Kathryn, I think I was in need of some fanciness too!

I hope you all have a fanciful weekend! x


  1. I do love reading your blog :)
    Your daughter is beautiful!!
    Have a lovely weekend


  2. your blog is SO CUTE! youre a babe! love it!

  3. Yes I have missed your blog too!! Even though I can understand Allegra keeping you away, how could you resist?! Love the bangle, amazing Etsy store, thanks sharing lovely. xox

  4. ... hey, I really love reading your blog ...
    ...your apartment is really beautiful ...
    ... Allegra is adorable ...

    p.s. Happy Valentine's Day <3


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