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Monday, February 14, 2011

Last week I was browsing through Etsy (as I do quite frequently!) but this time it was for a friend of mine, Katy, who came to me for some help in the hope to find the perfect combo of cushions for her bedroom! Personally, I find great joy in mixing and matching fabrics and patterns so I was more than happy to help! After coming up with several different combos for Katy to look over, I then became distracted and begun playing around with some combos for myself...

I stumbled across the above cushion cover (using Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms Peacock Feathers fabric) and developed a little crush... something about the pattern and the colours just grabbed me... maybe because it reminds me a little of the pattern used in these Missoni Dahlia Rainbow cushions (at a fraction of the cost mind you!) ... and who doesn't love Missoni right?!

Missoni Dahlia Rainbow cushions

But with no real need to purchase this cushion and really nowhere in particular to place it, I thought I would create a combo to possibly replace the cushions that we currently have in the master bedroom (note: we have crisp white linen)... here's what I came up with...

x2 of these White & Pink Bamboo Cushions
from Ada & Darcy

Paired with x2 of these Rosette Pillow Cases in Cherry
(to sit behind our white pillowcases)
also from Ada & Darcy

The full combo.

Also, Mr B and I received an amazing (and gigantic!) original Bourin Quinquina vintage poster as a wedding gift (which we are yet to hang) and I have been wanting to feature it in our bedroom but thought it might look too masculine... when I saw this cushion I thought the colours and quirky yet feminine pattern would tie it all together nicely giving the room a girly but edgy look...

Here's the thing... I was pretty smitten with my whole look... however, after both Mr B and my friend Katy said that whilst they liked the look as a whole, they weren't at all keen on the front cushion (the very cushion that grabbed me in the first place) they have got me second guessing my choice. SO... I am turning to you for your HONEST opinions my friends. I'd love to hear what you think of both a) the featured cushion and b) the look as a whole!

Thank-you in advance! :) x


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  2. Hi Sonja
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. I absolutely adore the featured cushion, something about the pattern just appeals to me, its like the flowers are dancing. I love the overall look i think its just heavenly ox

  3. i adore the feature soon as i saw it, it already said yes please to my liking :)
    i think the whole combination's looks divine and it will fabulous with everything all put together including the print.cant wait to see it when finished. luv melli xx

  4. Honestly, I think it's fabulous! I do love Amy butler fabrics :)

  5. Oh Honey...I love your mix...the feature cushion is what makes it all work..dont give up on what initially grabbed you in the first place..I think you will end up wishing you had got it if you decide not to.. Im sure it will grow on hubby ; )
    Love the other chosen cushions to compliment it..if anything I would suggest perhaps picking another colour other than just different shades of pink...the hints of orange and watermelon in your feature pillow are gorgeous colours to compliment it.
    And I love the print...would look awesome together! Hope you and baby Allegra are doing well x

  6. I think linking the yellow and burnt orange/red colours from the poster with the Amy Butler cushion is a great idea. It will be softened by the other pink cushion and the red would look great too. Love it all actually.

  7. Must say the feathers pillow is what ties the entire look together. Love it. Go for it! Great choices by the way and I love that your husband is for "pink" and "fem" in the master :)

  8. i have the exact pillows and i ADORE them so much i'm having cushions made in the same fabric! vibrant and fabulous! :)

  9. I love it, it also reminds me of Missoni, one of my favorite brands in terms of decor, but oh so expensive. I´m just not sure about the color, a bit too orange for me, but a really nice pattern.
    Clau :)

  10. I am going to be no help because I absolutely love your choices, I say go for it! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful bubba girl, she's just adorable! x

  11. Yes! Yes! I think that will be a lovely mix. I'm a big fan of mixing colors and patterns. It's so Jonathan Adler. Love him.
    You should check out this store for more pillow mixing combo ideas. Their furniture is to die for. I almost fainted when I discovered it.

  12. I love the cushions!! Since reading your blog I have become obsessed with finding the perfect cushions! I have a L shaped couch but it's a beigey/neutral color and impossible to find cushions to match. Any ideas anyone?! HELP!

  13. I'm loving that cushion sick much so, i think something similar might be making an appearance in my next painting! My advice is to stick with your first thought - it's usually spot on and rarely am I satisfied if I change my mind. I do agree with the lovely Anna though - the addition of another colour would really liven the scheme up, and I'd be adding just a touch of black to really make it pop. Either way, I think you should go for it! K x

  14. Go for it! All 3 look amazing together.

  15. Hi ladies! Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions... Anna- I love the idea o possibly drawing on some of the other colours from the feature cushions and Kerri- LOVE your suggestion to add a touch of black... I am now thinking maybe crisp white linen with a hint of black? Anonymous- I would have thought beige would be quite easy to work with as it is a neutral colour... do you have any particular colours in mind? Are you a fan florals or are you more of a 'block colour' kind of girl?

  16. I like it Son.
    It's very you (super bright, but pretty)...

  17. Hi Son,

    Simply adore the feature cushion. It is gorgeous and mix very very well with the poster. I really like Kerri's idea to add a hint of a different colour to make it pop and the red rosette you have chosen is an absolute great mix. Perhaps a different cushion other than the white and pink bamboo ?

    But anyways, am sure Mr B would agree to your choice, cein what you've come up with for the entire house. Am so in love with your home.

  18. Lovely! It's hard to choose but I'm going with the pink one. Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  19. I love Amy Butler's fabrics. Such fabulous print and colour combinations. I love the first image - gorgeous!!!


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