Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You will love this! Over at styleathome.com they have a section on Decorating & Design which includes a brilliant series called 'High/Low'. Basically, they create two rooms which to the naked eye appear almost identical. It's not until you really study each room carefully that you can pick out which items are in fact different. And the biggest difference is one room is created at a 'high' cost and the other at a 'low cost'. What a great concept to show you how to get the look you want BUT at the fraction of the cost! Seriously, it's crazy how much cheaper the 'Low' looks are...

Check out these highs and lows...

Above: 'high' cost of $20, 893...

Above: 'Low' cost of $4408.

Above: 'High' cost of $10,571...

Above: 'Low' cost of $3727.

Above: 'High' at a cost of $5874...

Above: 'Low' at a cost of $1003.

Above: 'High' at a cost of $10,101...

Above: 'Low' at a cost of $4194.

In this last example, I also love how they have shown what the room looks like as an almost blank canvas displaying only the essential items. This demonstrates what I believe is one of the key points in decorating successfully- keep your essential pieces neutral and then decorate as your heart desires by introducing colours, patterns, prints and textures...

Above: 'High' at a cost of $17,485...

Above: 'Low' at a cost of $4636.

How's that for a game of spot the difference! It just goes to show that you really can create the look you love on a budget! You can check out more High/Low's as well as what products they used to create each look here! x


  1. I love these on StyleatHome as well :) Such a great idea to showcase great design on a much more economical budget...and sometimes I even like the low better than the high!

  2. I love this! Amazing what a bit of creativity and research can do!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

  3. Hey Son thanks for sharing, this is amazing. Off to check it out now xxx

  4. I always love those features.... right up there along with 'stars without makeup!' Why would you pay for the designer models when the replicas look so gosh darn good?!

  5. Absolutely fantastic Son! Just goes to show, dash outdoes cash every time. K xx


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