Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some of you may not know that I have a wee fetish for scarves.... in fact I have at least 40+ neatly hanging in my wardrobe. I didn't always love them but back in 2007 Mr B bought me a scarf that I simply adored. I wore it everywhere and with everything, I just didn't want to take it off! And so my love of what I deem to be one of the greatest accessories a woman can have was born!

Now you all know I love Etsy (that's no secret!) so you can imagine my delight when my friend Linda (thanks again!) sent me the link to Necklush!

LA Times Magazine calls Necklush "the ultimate hybrid accessory, one that will end your "scarf or necklace?" debate once and for all."

'Necklush is an accessory designed to put creativity into your hands. The multiple, seamless cotton loops allow for many different styles and forms, while remaining simple, yet modern. The scarf, cowl and necklace are redefined with the all-in-one patent-pending design of a Necklush.'

Here are a few of my favourites from Necklush's Etsy store...

You've gotta love a scarf and necklace in one right?! You can check out the entire range here!

It's Friday AGAIN tomorrow! The weeks are certainly flying by aren't they?! I've had a productive week with my little lady which included our first (and might I add successful!) trip together to Ikea. This is a great achievement if you ask My B who believes a trip to Ikea under ANY circumstances is not for the faint hearted hee hee :P We purchased a bundle of new frames for some little feature walls I'm working on, including one for Allegra's nursery! I'll be sure to share some pics once they are mounted!

I hope to make it back here tomorrow for a Fancy Friday post... see you then! x


  1. I'm a scarf and necklace girl, always wearing one or the other. What a fab idea and they look so good to, thanks for sharing xx
    looking forward to fancy friday xx
    I posted a pic of your gorgeous dining area on my blog the other day

  2. God I love a good Etsy referral (although I hate them too $ wise). What an excellent store. Thanks for the referral. I love them, especially as they're not so hot and heavy that they wouldn't suit the Brisbane climate. x

  3. So nice!

  4. Oh yes! I saw these on Etsy over the summer, SO cute I like the gray/pink/white one too! :)

  5. wow thank you for this post - I am definitely buying one of those scarfs! And yes I agree a trip to IKEA with little one is a feat to be celebrated with a glass of well-deserved champagne!


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