Top 25 Creative Moms Nomination!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When I logged into my emails this morning, I was surprised but super excited to see that I have been nominated in the Top 25 Creative Moms on Circle of Moms!

On March 11th, the top 3 bloggers will get to share their favorite craft or design with an active community of creative moms in a custom issue of the Circle of Moms weekly digest.

To be honest, my initial thoughts were 'Eeek, I'm not so sure I am worthy of this nomination'!!! After all, there are SO many talented and legitimately crafty Mummas out there! BUT I was then reminded that motherhood in itself is indeed a craft and so is using my eye for design as well as my creative juices to offer styling tips, DIY's, recipes and inspiration via Tied with a Bouw!

So, I am humbled and very honoured to take part in this search! I truly value the support YOU my readers give me and I would really appreciate your vote :) CLICK HERE to cast your vote!

Sheesh, between this and entering Allegra in the 2011 Bonds Baby Search, I feel like I am ramming an election campaign down your throats... so I do apologise! What next? Mr B for president?! hee hee :) Thanking you in advance! x


  1. Congratulation Son, you deserve to be nominated, I will be voting for you and Allegra most definitely! xx

  2. already voted for you ..noticed your blog when i registered as well.good luck Sonja:) xx

  3. Done :)
    I think Mrs B for president would be better! :)


  4. You and Allegra got my vote for sure!! ;)

    I'm sure you're such a good mommy!!!


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