Allegra Isobel is 6 Months Old!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Six months ago my life took on a whole new meaning when I was blessed with the gift of motherhood and the most beautiful baby girl... my darling Allegra Isobel. I can't believe she six months old today! Wow. Six months. One of the most amazing and thrilling parts of parenthood is watching your child grow and develop into their own little person and seeing their personality come to life! In the beginning you wonder whether they will have Mummy or Daddy's character traits and as the weeks pass it really is delightful (and sometimes not so much haha) seeing parts of yourself shine through. So, what can I tell you about our little lady to date...

She is beautiful. So beautiful. She can be both quiet and loud. Cautious but bold. Alert and intrigued by what goes on around her. She throws herself into conversation with what we are sure is a very strong opinion on, well, everything. She loves music. And her sippy cup. AND having her back scratched (this she got from me, I'm sure of it). She is a morning person (like her Mum) and greets us each day with the most gorgeous grin from ear to ear as her legs kick off the blankets excitedly. She adores company and being out and about. And this last week it appears she can also be slightly temperamental... although as ridiculously proud and protective parents, I'm sure we are not the first to excuse this occasional unpleasant behaviour by putting it down to teething and an upset tummy... because surely she could not have inherited such behaviour from us could she?! Me, I'll just blame hubby. And I know you fellow parents are with me on this one because god forbid our children are anything but perfect! hee hee :) BUT she is perfect. In our eyes. Our gorgeous Allegra Isobel...

Happy half Birthday my precious, beautiful, darling daughter, Mummy loves you, a bushel and a peck! Now please stop growing so quickly! x


  1. Can't believe your precious little cherub is already 6 months!!! The months leading up to the first birthday and even beyond are so much fun - lots of milestones to look forward to. I love that photo of Allegra on her tummy x

  2. Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl !!! Sonia..I cant beleive she is 6 months seems just like yesterday I was reading the post on you announcing her birth...just precious.
    Yes..the teething stage can be quite is actually quite painful for the poor little munchkins..waiting for them to cut through for the first time. I remember at 6 months Jacq was already balancing on all fours and eager to Allegra near doing that? x

  3. Awwww - Happy half-birthday little Miss Cutie Pie!!!!! xxx

  4. She is Darling!! I can't believe how quickly the time goes by!
    Happy 6 month Birthday precious Allegra!

    Best Wishes!

  5. Happy Half Birthday lil Miss Allegra!

  6. My goodness she is a doll. It's hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly. Thanks for sharing the milestones of your precious little princess with all of us. xo

  7. Your daughter is ADORABLE! I really enjoy reading your blog! Your creativity inspires me:) Allegra's nursery is beautiful!
    My baby girl,Isabella, is almost 5 months old.
    Happy 6 months from Namibia, Africa
    Jules xx

  8. sooooo sweet and quite clearly the temperamental stuff is your hubby's fault. Who elses could it be?! ;) you have reminded me that poor elliott turned 9 months a week ago and i am yet to take his photo! must get onto that.... have a lovely weekend, my dear! xo

  9. she is just adorable!!! happy 6 month b-day gorgeous girl xx

  10. Allegra is such a sweetie! I love the pic with her poking her tongue out and an older photo with her bottom lip in a pout (too adorable!)- I love all those photos that capture personality! As a mum of 3 little boys (which include twins that are 4 yrs and a 6 year old) I don't get to see too much girly fashion so keep posting those adorable pics- I so miss the baby years- they go incredibly fast so treasure every moment.....even when sometimes those moments are overwhelming!Enjoy your wonderful blessing that Allegra is. xx

  11. Soooo cute! Happy half Birthday Miss Allegra! Time goes by so quickly once you have kids. I remember getting so annoyed with my Mum when she'd say, "Won't be long and he'll be at school" when my son was just 1. Well, she was right! Love your blog Sonja. Thanks for sharing.

  12. In LOVE with this adorable little sailor outfit!! Cute little twist on the original ones!! She's cute as a button!!


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