Allergra's Nursery Update!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

So, after 5 1/2 months of sleeping in Mummy and Daddy's room, we finally moved Allegra into her nursery for the first time last night! Although Mr B and I are happy to have our suite back to ourselves, we were both a little sad when we tucked her into her cot last night... our baby girl is growing up WAY too fast! But, after all those months during pregnancy spent planning and designing the room that would belong to our firstborn baby girl and then daydreaming and imagining her in it, it gave me such a sense of fulfillment as I dimmed down the lights, kissed Allegra goodnight and whispered 'I love you' in her ear. Because sometimes I still pinch myself that she is here. AND that she is ours.

Most of you have probably already seen Allegra's nursery as pictured above (if you haven't, CLICK HERE for all the details). But what you haven't seen is her room from this view (below) including a few framed prints that I have been meaning to share with you for quite some time, as well as her 'Allegra' name plaque that she received from good friends of ours for Christmas :)

Clearly Allegra's Room :)
Top left and bottom right: 'Pair of personalised
 ABC initial prints' both from Etsy store Ampersand,
'Sitting Pretty' owl print from Etsy store Yumi Yumi
and all frames (magenta & white) are from Ikea!

The view as you enter Allegra's nursery.
Speaking of Allegra, here she is relaxing in her room :)
And as you know, we will be moving soon so sadly we will have to bid Allegra's gorgeous nursery adieu... BUT it gives me a great excuse to try and recreate this beautiful space in our new home! :)


  1. The nursery is so gorgeous! I love that it's so spacious and personalized! Can't wait to see what you guys do in her new room :)

    And good on you for transfering the little darling into her own room... our Nathan is 9 months next week and he's still sleeping with me, mainly because he refuses to sleep alone and I have no energy to fight with him anymore at night. Bad on me.

  2. I know I keep it saying it Son....but she's STUNNING {and so is that nursery!} I love all your updates on the little Miss & always enjoy seeing {and getting inspiration} from your home styling shots!
    Congrats to Miss Allegra on the sleeping-move to her nursery :) And good luck with the move :)

  3. What a pretty room for a wee princess :)

    All things nice...

  4. I love that name plaque and the pink frames!
    The decorating, the angles of the photographs and your little girl- everything is beautiful!

  5. You've done such an amazing job Sonja, such inspiration for our next nursery which I am dying to start :) You are so lucky to have such a large space to enjoy. I think your nursery is truly one of the best decorated I've come across, so girly and pretty but still so stylish. We had Grace in our room for 6 months too and I was a little sad the first night she spent in her own room.

  6. I love it all! Especially the name plaque, curtains, pink prints, floating shelves and the hanging rail!

    Is the hanging rail there mainly for the looks though, or do you actually use it on a daily basis?

    Your little angel is gorgeous!

  7. Little A's room is cute to boot! It is perfect for a little girl. The wall art looks great too. Hopefully you can make the new bedroom just as great as this one.

  8. Such a lovely room :)]
    Your little girl is soooo cute!!! Such beautiful eyes!


  9. Stunning!!!

    Do you mind me asking where the couch is from?

  10. Your daughter, her name AND nursery are all very lovely.


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