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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why hellooooo!!! It really does seem like forever since my last post (almost a month... eeek) but life has been busy busy busy. Allegra and I only just arrived home from our 2 week visit to Melbourne and prior to that we had my Mum visit us here in KL for 12 days. I have the tedious task of unpacking to do so in the meantime,  rather than inundating you with my words, I thought I would make this a VERY visual post and inundate you with HEAP of photos taken over the last month instead... although as always, most of them are of Little Miss Allegra :)

Me and my little lady dressed up for
a fancy Sunday Yum Cha :)

Family Bouw!

My Mum (aka Nanny G) and Allegra :)

My little Burberry baby.

Allegra wearing her first proper pair of jeans :)

Allegra just being cute :)

My best friend, Emma, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy
baby girl, Gabriella Grace, on the morning we landed in Melbourne!
Here's me having my first cuddle with baby Gabriella Grace :)

Yes, a trip to my beloved Melbourne hairdresser
saw me go a shade darker... still not sure if I prefer this
or being a touch blonder...

Allegra Isobel was 5 months old
on the 26th April!

AND what do we have here...
she ALREADY has her first two teeth!

Tummy time!

And again :)

Allegra on one of her playdates with baby Alice :)

More cuteness!

Bath time :P

Having fun @ Nanny G's house!

Cuddling her new lullaby owl.

One more photo of Mumma B and Allegra...

And a very pooped little miss after our
flight home from Melbourne to KL.

I will save giving a proper update on Allegra for when I do her '6 months' post in a few weeks time... I know, 6 months, I can't believe it either! AND I have so much to fill you in on in general... including one rather exciting piece of news which I hope to share soon! Now off to tackle those suitcases... hmph. x


  1. Welcome back Son! Allegra has grown so much and is looking absolutely gorgeous! Lover her first pair of jeans xx

  2. Oh Son...she is just so adorable..what a little Miss she is...and a super stylish one at that! You look like you are really enjoying motherhood darling..its beautiful to see. Looking forward to more heart melting photos of little A ..Sending big hugs . Anna x

  3. welcome back lovely...Allegra has grown so much {wow} nearly 6 months.. how time flies..loving her burberry dress and the jeans oh my to cute !! xx

  4. Hi Sonja,

    Welcome back! The pictures are just gorgeous, you all look very relaxed and stunning as usual!
    Good to have you posting again!

  5. Such a cutie, I love the 5 month photo. You are looking so well, love your new hair colour x

  6. Welcome back! Oh gosh Allegra is looking cuter than ever!!! Growing into such a gorgeous doll! Love the new hair!! Good luck with that unpacking!!! xx

  7. What a beauty! So glad you're BACK!


  8. Was wonderful to read your blog, glad you're back! How beautiful to meet your best friends daughter just as you returned home for your holiday!!!I loved your family photo, you can really see that Allegra looks so much like her daddy.Am really looking forward to reading more about your fab trip and see more pics of your gorgeous little girl!Hope you got that unpacking motivation - wish we had fairies sometimes to do all those tasks for us :)x

  9. Yeahhhh you're back ! Missing your blog so much. You've got me hooked on Etsy too. Looking forward to more pictures.

    Loveee the family picture. You all look so lovely together. And Allegra is such a cute bundle.

  10. Welcome back, Ive just discovered your blog so loving new updates! Allegra is such cutie- Keep the photos coming!

  11. Baby girls are the CUTEST! She's so gorgeous Son - you'll have such fun watching her grow and change. SUCH good news about the move!! Keep me posted - we are going to have to catch up once the dust settles! xxxLou


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