My Early Birthday Getaway to Sabah!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello! Ok, so would you believe I have been packing and unpacking AGAIN! Well, this time I didn't quite mind as Mr B, Allegra and I just arrived home from a blissful 5 day getaway to Sabah! You might remember last year hubby took me on a weekend away for my Birthday to Pangkor Island (just after I announced I was pregnant with Allegra)... well this year I was spoilt again and Sabah was our destination! My actual Birthday isn't for another week or so but with guests coming and going over the next month we decided to get a sneaky Birthday treat in now. This little trip also happened to be our first proper family holiday and it was quite special comparing it the trip we took this time last year... back then we were dreaming about what life would be like once our precious baby was born... and now, a whole year later we found ourselves living (and absolutely loving) the dream :) We stayed at the gorgeous Rasa Ria Resort and had an amazing time from start to finish. Rather than rambling on, I thought I would entertain you with a heap of photos which pretty much sum up how we spent the last 5 days :) ....

The view from our balcony... heaven!

Allegra making herself at home on the king size bed :)

Our very own private tub!

The sunset on the first evening.

Mr B and Allegra attacking the room service menu :)

Both Allegra and I loving the baby pool :)

Daddy & Daughter.

Umm, hello Queen of Sheba! :P

More pool time!

Little Miss Allegra and I at breakfast :)

Our little gigglepot :)

Another hard day at the office! :)

Family Bouw... two out of three smiling is not a bad effort :)

Beddy byes after a hard day at the pool...

Allegra fascinated by everything and
everyone on the flight home :)
This pic was taken earlier today but
I thought it was too cute not to share...
AND this one was taken after her din dins
 tonight... isn't she just too delicious! :)

So there you have it, my week in review! As for the remainder of my week, well I'm a wee bit excited as I have my bestie (who I have previously blogged about here and here) arriving in KL tomorrow night! Amy will stay with us for the next four nights and we are both giddy with excitement that we will get to spend some long overdue quality time together... food for the soul I say :)

I hope you enjoy the next few days as much as I know I will :) x


  1. I cannot imagine any better way to celebrate your birthday girl! :) Lil jealous... :) Allegra is getting so big! :D

  2. Yay, gorgeous getaway and a big Happy Birthday in advance!

    We were at Rasa Ria in February (in the pleb rooms) but had an awesome time. Did you get to see the orang-utans???


  3. Looks like heaven! And Allegra's getting cuter by the day.

    Have a great few days :)

  4. Hi Son,

    Wishing you an early 'Happy hatchday' ... And may good things keep coming your way. Wow..Allegra is getting cuter by the day and this place looks awesome. Will visit soon...

  5. You have a fantastic figure - especially after having a baby! If you don't mind me asking, what's your exercise regime? And how do you get your legs so toned? N

  6. Aww Happy Birthday! Love the holiday snaps and that last pic is just a cracker, too cute! Have a lovely weekend xx

  7. Where is your pool cover-up from? It's adorable!

  8. Thanks gorgeous ladies! :)

    Bubbles: nope, unfortunately we didn't get to see the orangutans. They highly advised us against going on any of the jungle walks with Allegra due to a ridiculous amount of blood sucking mozzis! :{ x

    Jill: I purchased the pnk kaftan a few years ago when we were still living in Dubai! I just did a search for you and you might be able to order online here: such a gorgeous collection of resortwear! x

    And anonymous (aka 'N'): I can't say I am not completely flattered by your comment, so thank-you! Being a certified fitness trainer I continued exercising right throughout my pregnancy as was pretty lucky to gain only 10kgs... BUT... I am afraid I still have a long way to go in terms of strength and tone. I only really have time to hit the gym twice a week which generally consists of 50mins on the eliptical/crosstrainer machine, some light weights and some abs. I do however still walk this park with some other Mums 2-3 times a week and am pretty active in general. Prior to pregnancy I would train 5-6 times a week which included running, boxing, using the crosstrainer machines, light weights, abs, squats and lunges etc. and lots of skipping! x


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