My First Mother's Day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I woke to this precious face chatting away in her cot...
Cuddles with my two loves...
A few goodies including this Swarovski
 crystal ring from Allegra and Mr B :)
You can't really see it in the photo but
 a secret heart has been cut into it which
 you can spy as the crystal catches the light :)
A delicious lunch!
My meal, Aglio Olio Spaghettini...
And Mr B's meal,  Ciabatta Steak Sandwich.

Me and my little lady :)
Cupcakes for dessert!

AND the BEST gift I could ask for?! My darling Allegra Isobel! I thought I would share a snippet of Allegra doing watch she does best... chatting (or should I say squealing) her little bum off and melting Mummy's heart with her giggles... LOVE you Allegra!


What a perfect day! I hope you fellow Mummy's enjoyed Mother's day as much as I did! x


  1. Just adorable...what a little happy funny..I still call Jacq a cheeky monkey ; ) these are the most precious times sweety..enjoy.
    P.S Loving the bling...veeeery nice : )

  2. Bless! She is soo adorable! Congrats on a beautiful family! Glad to see you got spoilt x

  3. What a wonderful day you had. That lunch looks delicious. I love the video, she is so darn cute! Especially when she just get the look on her face, like she remembered something really funny, and then starts laughing.

  4. ooohhhhh, nice photos!

  5. LOVE the ring, that hubby of yours is terribly clued in to gal style, isn't he? Totally off the topic, I am hearting how your spaghetti comes with a side of chippies, and clearly you agree that everything on Mother's Day is fat free! If only it were the same everyday, I am going to have to move into my gym to recover from Easter alone! Happy Mothers Day..... x

  6. hahah she is adorable!!! great video! So glad you had a beautiful mothers day!!!

  7. Awww soooo cute!! Such a happy little thing :) bless her


  8. I loved Allegra's first three giggles- priceless.
    Your pasta looks delish!

  9. She's so adorable to look at:)
    Wait till she starts making her own gifts at school, they're the best!


  10. what, what a ring! sounds like a wonderful day :)

  11. Awwww Happy Mothers Day! Us mums are so blessed! You look so good Son and that gorgeous little bubba is so adorable, and yay how cool moving back to Aus, all the best with the move! xxx


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