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Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday I mentioned that I had some exciting news. I was also complaining about unpacking. And how ironic that they now come hand in hand. Here we are about to pack and unpack all over again... but THIS time it's on a MUCH larger scale. Yes, The Bouws are packing up house here in KL and are on the move again... this time to our mother country, Australia! Yipee! Mr B was presented with a work opportunity that was too good to pass up and although the move will not see us return to our home city of Melbourne, it will see us embark on a new adventure in SYDNEY! And all within the next couple of months! Hubby and I are both extremely excited to be returning to our beloved Aussie shores and can't wait to see what this next chapter will bring... hopefully it will include another home make over which I can than share with you :)

So, that's my news! :)

And that bring us to the end of another week. After a busy month I plan to take it easy this weekend with my two favourites with a spot of shopping and lunch on Saturday and not to mention my very first Mother's Day on Sunday! Wishing all the Mum's out there (including my own) a very Happy Mother's Day! Have a gorgeous weekend... x


  1. That's great news Son! Much easier for you being a 90 minute plane ride away from family rather than 9 hours...

    Also looking forward to seeing you add your flair to a new place.

    bf x

  2. Oh let me be one of the first Sydneysider bloggers to welcome you and your family - what exciting news! grrrr to the packing & Unpacking XX Samantha

  3. OH THAT IS JUST FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Congrats guys!!
    And little Allegra will be able to see and spend more time with her extended family...which is just gorgeous.
    YAY...well...when you settle down in Sydney...we HAVE to make sure we do a catch up : ) YAY!! x

  4. That's exciting Sonja - I adore Sydney, lucky you. Oh to have the shops of Paddington nearby!! Enjoy your first Mother's Day lovely xx

  5. How exciting! Afterall Melbourne you can do in a heartbeat from Sydney.
    I hope you've some professional packers in to help. Good luck with it all.
    I imagine you're scouring for Sydney abodes? Ha - exciting stuff!

  6. How lovely! Your family must be thrilled!

    A word of advice from a fellow asian expat (Singapore), enjoy the last few months of living in Asia. The food, the cheap eats, the culture. Moving home will be fantastic, but enjoy the last few months too.

    You will love Sydney. Great weather, lots of mums and babies too ;)

  7. Oh that is great news!! Congrats :)

    Can't wait to follow you on your adventure ;)

  8. Awww happy times!!! I love moving! Unpacking is the best part, I love finding new places for my things.. Like books. My friends think I'm a bit strange because of it!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and happy mothers day!


  9. Congratulations!

  10. How exciting for the 3 of you. Hoping everything associated with the move goes smoothly. Have a wonderful Mothers Day :o)

  11. Congratulations! Enjoy the rest of your stay & Happy Mother's day!!!


  12. HOW VERY EXCITING YOU ARE COMING BACK!!! Good luck with the almighty packing!! I guess the Aussie motivation will keep you going hehe

  13. Hello Sonja, nice to "see" you again:-)
    I wrote you an email with some question about KL just before Easter, probably finished up in spam...? How can I reach you? It would be too long to post it here:-)

  14. Thanks so much ladies, it is very exciting indeed and just quietly, I am a wee bit excited about hopeully meeting those of you Sydneysiders who have been my bloggy friends for quite some time now :) x

    Hi Martina- Oh no, I never received and email from you and just checked my 'junk' box and there is nothing there either :( Just to comfirm my email address is: ... I'm more than happy to help with an questions you might have :)

  15. And Sonia- right you are re: it's Saturday night and that's exactly what I am doing... sad I know! Ah, the joys of moving :P x

  16. WOW how fabby for you and your little fam! Perhaps Allegra's lucrative modelling assignment for bm3 is not so unachievable after all?! ;)

  17. There's no place like home, wish you all the best!!



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