Allegra's first word!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello! I have been meaning to share the following with you for the last week, however, as you know I had been having a few issues with my blogger account including not being able to leave comments, upload videos or pictures... all of which have now been fixed thanks to the help of a few fellow bloggers! :)

The first video you are about to see was taken last Wednesday. This particular evening Allegra seemed to be mastering the art of blowing raspberries and I managed to capture her in all her splattering glory... I present to you Exhibit A... WARNING: It's pretty darn cute! :)


When one of my girlfriends saw the above video she made a comment that 'Daddy won't be far away now'... I'm not sure how she gathered that from Allegra's raspberry blowing but she was RIGHT! This second video was captured just two days later... I present Exhibit B...


So there you have it, Allegra's first word. And yes, at just 6 months and one week old our little lady is indeed destined to be a chatterbox! I know many of you can probably relate to my initial feelings of slight envy that her first word wasn't Mumma BUT then the pride set in that our clever little girl had spoken her very first word AND she sounds sooooo ridiculously sweet saying Dadda that it's just one more thing to add to our list of Allegra's heart melting moments :)

And just to share a few more of those moments with you, here are some recent pics of the one and only Allegra...

Beautiful Allegra.
Blackberry obsessed just like her Daddy!
Caught red handed and looking a little guilty :P
Earlier this week I put Allegra down for her midday sleep
and found her playing with her top pulled over her head...
I was a little to slow to get the camera but she
gave me this cheeky smile when I caught her out :)
For those of you who have never seen Allegra
 with wet hair and without her trademark bow!
She looks so much more like a baby here! So gorgeous.
She loves eating din dins in just her nappy :)
Cheeky chops :)

I know most of my posts these days are all about Allegra so I sure hope you enjoy receiving these updates!

On a separate note, I have a busy and exciting few weeks ahead which will hopefully result in me having lots to fill you in on soon...

Until then, happy hump day my friends! x


  1. These are priceless Sonja...just gorgeous!

  2. Oh she is adorable! If it makes you feel any better, Dada is often said first prior to Mama. It's something to do with babies language development, and dadada dada is a common repetitive sound. It was my first word too!
    Of course I know of babies that say 'puppy' for their first word, so it's not the rule.
    Allegra is so adorable!

  3. We LOVE the updates of Allegra! What a cutie! The raspberries are hilarious! Love the last picture! xx

  4. Ohh how the raspberry blowing she looks so chuffed with herself mastering her party trick!I think bubs say dadda first due to the fact that we mummas show photos of them and say 'whose this' and 'when dad coming home' etc. We rarely say mummma until that fateful day when dad comes out first and then we say 'mumma' like crazy :)As I always say love love love the photos of beautiful Allegra....can't believe how much more babylike she is with wet hair...amazing what dry hair and accessories do! Looking forward to hearing more of your exciting news. Have a wonderful day, Leticia xx :)

  5. Awwww these are so gorgeous, my little girl loved watching the video's!
    She really is such a cutie and has such a gorgeous smile, makes me clucky looking at her pics Son.
    Have a lovely day xx

  6. She is such a gorgeous little girl!

  7. Gosh she's gorgeous! I want to eat her up :)
    First words....such a magical & fun milestone! I always love getting your Allegra updates! She's amazing!


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