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Friday, June 3, 2011

Without getting all spiritual on you, are you one to believe in fate? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?! Well I am. And I do. I also love a good 'six degrees of separation' story (who doesn't right?!) and it turns out this little story I am about to share is a mixed bag of destiny, fate, Facebook (what good story doesn't involve FB these days :P) and six degrees of separation all rolled into one. But above all else it involves this wonderful universe we call the blogosphere!

At the beginning of 2010 I began this lil' ol blog of mine. One of the very first blog friends I made was the gorgeous Sally from Once.Daily.Chic. Emails flowed back and forth and over the passed year we have gotten to know each other (as best you can via email) chatting  regularly about blog life and our real lives and I would say Sal has become what I might call my best 'blog friend' :)

These last few weeks Sal and I have been communicating on a 'several time a day basis' as it turns out one of the houses Mr B and I are looking at purchasing as our new home in Sydney just so happens to be in the same suburb Sally lives in. Coincidence #1. As a matter of fact, last night Sally was kind enough to do a thorough inspection of the property for us (it helps that she is a talented architect) and we thought that in itself was strange enough (the fact that we have never met and all) and taht we might potentially become neighbours! But this story is about to get a whole lot crazier...

So, this evening Sal and I were emailing back and forth and there was something random she was describing to me that she said I might better understand if I have a look at a particular album of her on Facebook. So I got my Facebook stalk on and off I went (gotta love a FB stalk hee hee)! I was scrolling through Sal's albums on the lookout for a particular one and on the way got distracted by the cover of another album. It was a random photo of Sal's Mum and her Step Dad and I couldn't help but to 'comment' on how stunning (I think I actually used the word HOT haha) her Mum is! Within a minute I had a comment back from Sal's Step Dad (who got the notification of my comment as he was tagged in the photo)... asking if I was in fact Married to Matt Bouw aka Mr B! 'What the...' I thought. Coincidence #2.

It took a minute for his name to ring a bell in my head and then the penny dropped... and so did my jaw... and then I nearly dropped right off the couch! It turns out that Sally's Step Dad and Mr B know each other, have met and were speaking on the phone only yesterday! AND I had actually received emails from him over the last few weeks only knowing him as a work colleague of Mr B's. It turns out Sal's Step Dad actually recruited Matt for his new job in Sydney! I couldn't believe it. Being a Sydneysider, Sal was one of the first people I confided in when we were considering making the move from KL to Sydney and low and behold Sal's Step Dad played a BIG part in it too! Both without knowing the others involvement or connection to Mr B and I!

So you can imagine once Sally and I pieced together the 'less than six' degrees of separation we were both utterly gobsmacked (so were the gents mind you)! We then proceeded to get a little giddy like one of those Lyndsay Lohan-type movies where the sisters are separated at birth only to be reunited by sheer fate later in life haha. I had to do my best not to burst into song singing 'It's a small world afterall' :P

But it is isn't it?! This world of ours. It really does just solidify my belief that sometimes your paths really are meant to cross with others and that some things really do happen for a reason. Bless this crazy, wonderful blogosphere that opens up so many doors and presents us with friendships and opportunities that might otherwise not come about. And as much as I hate to say it, bless Facebook! Because if it wasn't for my random FB stalk, we would never have made the connection as Sal and her Step Dad have different surnames! I wasn't lying when I said I love these kind of stories. It has left me with goosebumps and warm fuzzies all at the same time. And I love that it is my story to tell :)

Has a similar thing ever happened to you?! x


  1. That's a pretty crazy story! Sounds like you guys were meant to be friends :)

    We live in a big world but sometimes it definitely feels very small. I had a "sex in the city" episode unravel before me when I once ran into an old friend I had not seen in years in another country of all places just randomly on the streets! Kind of makes you think, those moments are special moments that are just meant to be!

  2. Oh my, that is ment to be for sure!
    I haven´t experienced anything so important, but i did travelled a lot around the world, it was funny that adore magazine featured a lovely shop in Noosa Australia where I have been and another girl blogged about a clothing store where I was in Los Angeles, another blogger is in the same arcrylicstore as where I was in Hong Kong...so funny, the world is actually very small and so big the same time.
    xoxo Chantal

  3. what an awesome story to tell and yes what a small world!

  4. wowsers, that is way cool... and extremely helpful to 'know' someone when you make the big move! It's meant to be! How's the house hunt going, then?

  5. What an amazing story! That is the kind of thing happends to me quite often and I love it too. I believe that there is allways a strong energy between people that feel somehow connected. And that connection has allways a strong reason. Thank you for sharing it with us. This is the kind of sharing that make bloggers feel a bit more close to each other.

  6. Wow, it really is a small world and things definitely happen for a reason. Much smaller scale, but just last night my parents checked in to their Sydney Hotel and the front desk mgr asked if they were my parents. Turns out we went to school together in Qld & she gave them a special room upgrade as a result. Facebook especially has made it easier for us to find links within our social circles. x

  7. Oh, I LOVE IT!!! Freaky Friday Son!
    Yes, love the Sal...

  8. I just read Sal's description of your highly coincidental little world - such an amazing story!! :)

  9. Awww Son, what a lovely story, so meant to be then!
    All the best with the move to Sydney, take care sweet xxx

  10. wow that's so amazing!!! definitely meant to be :) what an exciting move this will become!!!


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