Allegra Isobel Bouw is 7 Months old!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I know, I can't believe it either, last Sunday Allegra turned 7 months old! And what can I tell you about our darling in this monthly update?!

Well, besides getting more adorable as each day passes, this last month was filled with many more 'firsts'! It really is amazing how much bubbas grow, change and develop on a daily basis isn't it! As you will see in the pics Allegra is now pretty much sitting up like a big girl! She is rolling and flipping all over the place and whilst she hasn't attempted to crawl yet, it wouldn't surprise me if she just skips that step all together! It seems Allegra much prefers to be on her feet and has already begun trying to take little steps with the help of Mum and Dad to steady her. She has several new teeth which has reintroduced a few sleepless nights in the Bouw household but this also always results in double the cuddles. Allegra has been little miss independent since she was born, however, numerous times in the last week she has demonstrated a few 'I want my Mummy' moments when people she doesn't know all that well have attempted to hold her. And whilst it is never nice to see your little one cry, I was secretly loving the unfamiliar needy side of my baby girl :) Allegra continues to use (or overuse in my opinion hee hee) her one and only proper word Da da dad dad dadda (which you may have seen here), however, she also continues to grow into one cheeky and very chatty little girl yakking away throughout the days. Her little voice brings me instant joy and it is so exciting picturing having conversations with her a few months down the track! She was up to her 'raspberry blowing' tricks again this week... which you will see in the video below. The last time she blew this many raspberries she spoke her first word just two days later... hmmm, could Mum Mum Mumma be on the horizon?! Anyway, here are a handful of recent snaps followed by the raspberries in question... I sure do love my Allegra Isobel to bits...

Allegra loves her food :)
My gorgeous lil' toadstool :)
Allegra and Daddy after a Saturday lunch!
My little lady and I :)
Story time with my in-laws, Grandma and Puppa Bouw :)
Daddy, Allegra and Puppa Bouw :)
The girls :)
Cuteness! And I'm loving that a few people who
have seen this photo have said she is finally
starting to resemble me a little :)
My gorgeous, cheeky girl!

And here is the video of Allegra blowing
 raspberries as if her life depended on it :)

So there you have it, yet another Allegra-dedicated post!

This weekend marks the close of a very significant chapter in our lives. This weekend will be our last in Kuala Lumpur. Our last as expats. And our last before we will be permanently back on our beloved Aussie shores. I know I will be spending it taking it all in and reflecting on the last four years. But I'll save getting all nostalgic on you for another post and for now, bid you a lovely weekend! x


  1. What a cutie little BB is! :)

    Good luck with the move <3


  2. Hey there,

    Oh gosh that picture of 'My lil gorgeous toadstool' is soooo cute. She's got such lovely pair of blue eyes...As for you, happy moving back and I hope you've had a good stay in Kuala Lumpur.Come back for holidays, will ya...

  3. Awwwwww... she is adorable... Such a cute baby!


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