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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello! Apologies for my abscense! Following the big move from KL (and despite all being struck down with the flu), Allegra, Mr B and I spent a lovely two weeks in Melbourne catching up with family and friends and, well, just enjoying being back in Oz! But with our gypsy lifestyle, we didn't stay put for long! Mr B started his new job in Sydney last Monday and Allegra and I arrived on Friday night. After contemplating buying a house in our new city (which you might recall me mentioning here), we have decided against it for various reasons meaning we will once again be renting... sigh. Whilst we search for the perfect rental property (if such a thing exists)and wait patiently for our sea freight to arrive and clear customs, we are staying in a gorgeous fully furnished, fully equiped apartment! I will share some pics soon as I am certain many of you out there would just love it (think sex in the city with a dash of Anna Spiro) but for the moment, I just had to share the view from our gorgeous terrace!

I snapped this yesterday evening as the sun was setting...
yup, a perfect view of two of Australia's most iconic landmarks...
The Sydney Opera House AND the Harbour Bridge :)
And it seems we have a bit of a running theme going when it comes to rooms with a view and iconic buildings...

This was the view from the loungeroom in our apartment
in Kuala Lumpur... the famous Petronas (twin) Towers in KLCC!

And this was the view from our balcony when we lived
 on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai... that's the iconic
Burj Al Arab you can spot across the water.

What next, the Eiffel Tower?!

Again, please bear with me whilst we get settled in Sydney... this might take longer than expected especially seeing as Allegra and I are Melbourne bound once again this weekend as Mr B takes a business trip to the US. Never a dull moment that's for sure!

Have a great week my friends :) x


  1. Wow, what a fabulous view! Welcome home & hope you get settled soon.

    Looking forward to seeing how you decorate your eventual place!

    bf x

  2. Gorgeous views, all of them! I hate Dubai but I do love the architecture...

  3. You have had some amazing views! I hope your next place has an amazing view too!


  4. omg..... I so envy your views. The view in Sydney is awesome ! Can't wait to see your next decorating adventure.

  5. Welcome back to Aus Son....I have just been catching up on your blog and wow that 6 degrees storey is spooky.....loved it!
    I hope you settle in quickly, take care...

  6. Hi, new follower here...been ejoying your past posts...may I ask what does your hubby do that entails moving to such wonderful places...

  7. Hi Son,

    I also am a new reader and have loved going through your past blog posts (especially your wedding ones!) As per Janine's comment - what does your hubby do? Your life sounds so exciting! Best of luck settling in and i cant wait to read more in the coming months - Allegra is just beautiful by the way! xox


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