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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello! I am finally back in Sydney after darting home to Melbourne for the last week and a bit and I'm happy to say I will be staying put for at least the next month! Before flying back to Melbourne, I spent a chunk of time with a relocation agent inspecting various properties in different areas around Sydney in hopes to find something that we would like to call home. With the rental market here in Sydney being so fierce and properties getting snapped up almost as quickly as they are listed, I was a little anxious that it might take us a while to secure something we liked. Thankfully, I was wrong! Call it luck, fate or just darn good timing but we get the keys to what will soon be our new home this Friday!!! Yeeehaaaa! And we got news last week that our container sent via sea freight cleared customs without a hitch and is being delivered on Monday! This also means an end to living out of suitcases... joy! I know I will have my hands full unpacking, setting up house and looking after Miss Allegra but I am SO eager to get settled in our new city and am once again itching with the decorators bug... hopefully this will see me return with some decor focused blog posts!

But for the time being, and as promised, I thought I would share a few pics of the temporary accommodation we have been staying in since arriving in Sydney last month...

The dining and lounge area.
The kitchen!
The master bedroom.
The terrace... heaven!
And the view :)
Once again, lucky Mr B isn't afraid of the colour pink! hee hee... Allegra and I on the other hand feel right at home :)

Oh and I promise to fill you in a little more about our new home soon! x


  1. Your photography skills are amazing!!!!!


  2. Good lord luv, so deliciously glam - not that i would expect any less.... I am a tiny bit jealous as i am currently living surrounded by indescribale mess; dont even know where to start... How ever did you find such a place? X

  3. B- The photos I post on my blog are usually MY own but I'm afraid I the above are not my camera work (these were the ones I obtained from the agent).

    Nic- Just to make sure you know this is only our temporary accommodation! Matt was looking at serviced apartments/hotels and then I found this baby... worked out to be cheaper than the others and MUCH more homely. It's been lovely but the downside of being so high up is the freaking stairs + baby + pram etc! And I'll do my damndest to make our new place look even better :) I'm sure your mess is only a mess to you... you're super mum remember! x

  4. its lovely!! i love that view and those striped chairs....hope all is going well for you. :))

  5. oh wow.... how amazing!!!! I cannot stop staring at these at work!

    Sophie :)

  6. Omg Son these photos are amazing!!! This would definitely be an amazing 'transition' home!!!

  7. Wow, what can I say, it looks amazing. I can't wait to see your new home :)

    All things nice...

  8. Your temp home is absolutely gorgeous, my favourite is definitely that view. All the best with collecting the keys and moving into your new home. xx


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