Where do I begin... The loungeroom!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello! I have been promising you all an update on our new home in Sydney but with so much to do, I haven't really known where to begin. So rather than going off on a tangent I thought I would keep it simple and give you a room by room update in point form (well my version of point form anyway hee hee) over the next week or so. So for today, here's where the loungeroom is at...

  •  The x2 white leather chesterfields you saw gracing the covers of the 2010 summer addition of Adore Magazine  as well as the x2 coffee tables will not be joining us in our new home. Unfortunately we will be selling these as the lounges are far too big and bulky for our new space and the coffee tables just don't feel 'right' in the room :(

  •  Instead, we have decided to replace the chesterfields with the two white fabric sofas (plus matching chase lounge) that we already own. In our apartment in KL we had the two seater in our guest bedroom and you might recall seeing the three seater in Allegra's former nursery (see below).
  • There is a lovely feature fire place in the loungeroom that desperately needs something placed above the mantle. The room has very high ceilings so that wall is currently looking very bare and unloved. I've been dilly dallying for weeks whether to go with a piece of art or a mirror and have finally decided that a mirror is the way to go so now I just have to find the perfect size and style!
  • Two out of our three gorgeous Table Tonic Moroccan pouffes will remain (the white and silver)... and I might even purchase one more... in gold perhaps?! :)
  •  The rug from our apartment in KL will do the job until we find something we like (in my experience searching for the perfect rug is much harder than you would think)!
  •  Our new window furnishings will hopefully be installed in the next fortnight.
  • And now for the most important part of the room... a colour scheme! I had been feeling quite stuck and uninspired about what 'feel' and 'look' I wanted to create for the loungeroom in our new home. But this all changed when Mr B arrived home this evening with a large, cylindrical package sent from Melbourne. Inside the tubing lay our stunning original Bourin Bourin vintage poster that we received as a wedding gift at the beginning of last year. It has been a while since I have laid eyes on this enormous, firey beauty as it has been in storage for the last 18 months as we did not want to take the risk of having it lost or damage by sending it overseas to KL. We now have to have it framed and mounted so this following image is one I have obtained from the net and by no means does it do our original any justice... the colours in the flesh are gob smacking...

  • Originally, I thought I would angle for a slightly warmer and more mature colour palette than the brights featured in our home in KL, however, this may be difficult to achieve as this piece of art is gigantic, extremely vibrant and will definitely be a feature in the room! So this evening it was back to basics taking the same approach I used whilst decorating our previous home... start with cushions! It is funny how an entire rooms identity can stem from one tiny piece of fabric but I really do believe they provide inspiration and a foundation for your space. And where else to turn to than Etsy! Here are a few combos that are tickling my fancy...

What do you think?! I'd love to know your thoughts!

Also, I spent this afternoon shopping for coffee tables and found a few that may be contenders, so I hope to be reporting back soon with some news of a purchase :)

There you have it, the loungeroom update. I promise to share some sneak peek pics as the room comes together but I might just make you wait until it's complete for a big reveal! It has been a big and busy year so I thank those of you who have continued to visit this little space of mine! Here's hoping that my decorating mojo is back for good so I can start giving you the blogging goodness you have been missing from me! S x

Allegra Isobel Bouw is 9 Months Old!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello my friends! Ahhh, I have been SOOOO slack on the blog front I know but it has been a crazy busy month trying to get settled here in Sydney... I PROMISE to give you an update this week! But tonight I thought I'd better get my act together and post my monthly 'Allegra update' as it's already 2 weeks late (she turned 9 months on the 26th August)!

Allegra Isobel, you are growing up far too quickly for our liking but there is nothing better than watching you explore and discover as you blossom. You are such a darling and a funny little girl indeed. You are hilariously loud and gosh do you love a chat! Shopping with you is so much fun as you insist on stopping everyone in our path for a chat and giggle. You are clever and stubborn and it seems you don't see the point in crawling and may very well just skip that step and go straight to walking... or maybe you are just stubborn and lazy! ha ha :) This month you have a new found obsession for our local park and it is absolutely priceless watching your face and hearing you squeal as we approach the gates. Every day is a joy with you in it our little miss sunshine... and we love you beyond words.

So here are a handful of snaps and a couple of videos of the one and only Allegra Isobel taken over the passed couple of weeks...

Allegra rocking the Farrah Fawcett flick :)
Nappy time before bath :)
One of Allegra's latest things is pointing
at EVERYTHING she sees :)
Fun at the park on a chilly Saturday morning :)
Little darling xoxo
Mummy/daughter shot taken in our new place!
Already a clean freak like her Mumma :)
Allegra loves being on her feet!
Fun at Luna Park hee hee :)
Enjoying the sunshine and a
morning walk on Father's Day :)
Father's Day and Mr B's Birthday celebrations!
Enjoying a ferry ride on a sunny Sydney afternoon!
Father's Day 2011
Sweetness xo
Beautiful girl!
Love the piggytails Allegra!
Our little miss sunshine!
Our gorgeous water baby @ 9 1/2 months old!

Little Miss Point the Finger!
 Classic Allegra... I wish I knew what
 she was trying to tell me!


Little Miss Houdini!
 Our little magician is clearly saying
 'The 7 of spades, is that your card'?!
 Hee hee Allegra Isobel @ exactly 9 months old.

She's grown so much hasn't she! Love you Allegra, a bushel and a peck x

Again, I apologise for my absence. I hope you are all doing well and look forward to giving you an update this week on what's been happening in my world this passed month! x


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