The Loungeroom!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't you hate it when you speak too soon?! Well it seems I did. Long story short, the curtains for the lounge room ARE being remade BUT for various reasons they have to remake them using the SAME fabric that had me gagging all last week. I have calmed down about the whole thing now as it's not the end of the world and whilst I won't go as far as saying that they are growing on me, I will say that I think I can make them work. The following pic is a snippet of the curtain fabric. Some of you might even like the fabric but you might also know me a little by now and know that it is most definitely not something I would have chosen. I bet you're thinking 'It doesn't look THAT bad' right?! Well picture it covering an entire wall with very high ceilings... it hurts the eyes a little more, trust me :P

The fabric in question.
After deciding to go with the cushions in Option #1 for the bedroom, and then being told the curtains in the lounge room will remain as is, I was quietly excited when I realised the Chiang Mai Dragon cushions I was considering for the master bedroom will go perfectly with the lounge curtains along with our original vintage poster which is still with the framers!

Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon cushion
I quite like them teamed with these
Schumacher Summer Palace cushions
also from Etsy seller Woody Liana
Oooh and I am also excited to report that I have ordered x2 mirrors to go above the mantles in the lounge room and the formal dining room. After umming and ahhing for weeks whether to go circular or rectangular, antique or contemporary, my mind was made up for me! I was on my way home from doing the grocery shopping when I was stopped at a red light and staring straight at me from the window of a design studio was exactly what I had envisioned! Don't you love when that happens! By no means does the below picture do the mirror any justice, but you can kinda get the idea...

Black glossy framed mirror from Meizai

And here's a snippet of what it will look like together...

What do you think?! I'm crossing my fingers I can pull it all together. Next on my list is a new coffee table!

On a separate note, today I managed to pick up all the bits and pieces to make Allegra's 1st Birthday invitations... I'll keep you up to date as the planning progresses! :) x

The Master Bedroom

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello! I arrived back from Melbourne earlier this week anxious to see our new curtains! I mentioned that due to the fact that we are renting we weren't involved in the selection process so I had been holding my breath for the last month hoping that the owners taste wasn't too far from our own. Overall, I am relatively happy with most of the choices- white roman blinds in Allegra's room, sheer white and a block out white for the upstairs dining. The lounge room on the other hand is a whole other story. Without sounding too dramatic, it looks like someone has projectile vomited over that entire wall. Seriously. Ok, maybe that's a bit over the top. BUT it appears luck was our side... this is the only time I think I will be happy that the manufacturers buggered up the measurements and made the curtains about 30cms too short (insert chuckles hee hee) so they have to be completely remade :) With this in mind, I immediately emailed our agent and attached some photos of the curtains in hopes that the owner might agree with me about the said curtains... and he did! Thank goodness! We both agreed that something more neutral (either white or off white) would be much more pleasing the everyones eyes. Ahh, the joys of renting :)

Now, as for master bedroom, whilst the curtains aren't something I would have chosen, they are still something I can live with and hopefully work with in terms of decorating the remainder of the room. I thought I'd attach a few pics so you can see for yourself...

The tones go quite nicely with our drawers
(which run along almost the entire wall).
And also go well with our off-white leather bed.
As you can see the pattern is quite busy so choosing the perfect colours and patterns for cushions etc. is the tricky part. In the flesh the curtain fabric throws off numerous colours such as chocolate brown, gold and bronze and sometimes even a yellowy/army green! I have decided to play it safe and stick to crisp white linen on the bed and whilst I entertained the thought of keeping the cushions very plain, I can never go passed a bit of colour!. The brights you saw in our KL apartment just don't seem to work as well in this house but I am thinking something along the following might...

I am considering either of the above as the feature cushion
 to mix with the following two options...

And here's what they look like teamed together...

Firstly, what do you think of the curtains?! Do you think the above combos work together and do you have a favourite? As always, I welcome any other suggestions you may have! x

Embrace Images!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Thursday's post I mentioned that Allegra had her first professional photo shoot earlier in the week. Kylie from Embrace Images has given me a sneak peek of some of the pics and they are amazing!!! And despite me going along with absolutely no intention to be in any of the photos myself, Kylie convinced me to jump in for a few and I am so glad I did! I just adore some of the moments she captured of Allegra and I :)

For a sticky beak, head on over to Kylie's blog, Embrace Images! Thanks again Kylie, a million times over, for these precious memories we will be able to treasure forever.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! x

Allegra Isobel Bouw is 10 Months Old!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello from Melbourne! We've been visiting again for the last week as we have a number of celebrations to attend, hence why I am over a week late (again) with my monthly Allegra update! This will be a quick one and I'll let the photos speak for themselves (with the help of my little captions)... oh and I have also included three videos for your viewing, I hope you enjoy!

Allegra had her first lot of professional photos taken yesterday by
 Embrace Images- Photography by Kylie Maguire.
 I wasn't supposed to take part but Kylie asked me to jump
 in for a few quick pics and this is one of them. I adore it!
 Diamonds, pearls and my beautiful Allegra...
 what more could a girl want! :)
Off to our regular Saturday brunch :)
Hee hee... look how long her hair is!
Allegra's first train ride in Sydney :)
An impromptu picnic in Hyde Park, Sydney.
Too cool Allegra! :)
Cheeky girl :)
Our little sleepy head... so gorgeous!
Allegra and Daddy Bouw... feeding Allegra's balloon obsession!
Squealing with delight playing chasey with Mummy in the kitchen!
Our stubborn little girl thinks crawling is
 beneath her and refuses to crawl...
she is on the other hand great on her feet! :)
Allegra continues to fall asleep with
 everything and anything on her head!
Loves her bath!
Peaches and cream... deliciously sweet Allegra!


Little Miss Conversation Hog! She might not be crawling but she can sure hold her own in a conversation! Our ever so chatty Allegra Isobel @ 10 months and 2 days old :)


Little Miss Walkies! Allegra getting almost too quick for Daddy B :)


Little Miss Giggle Monster. Having fun with Nanny G
 (my Mum) before beddy byes :)

She's darling isn't she! Our little lady, what a delight! I cannot believe Allegra's first Birthday is fast approaching... eeek! I better get my act into gear with the party plans!

As for an update on our home, our curtains were finally installed just after Allegra and I left for Melbourne! Due to the fact that we are only renting we didn't have any involvement in selecting the curtains so I am eager (and nervous) to get home to see what they look! I'll keep you posted.

I hope you're having a great week! x


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