Allegra Isobel Bouw is 10 Months Old!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello from Melbourne! We've been visiting again for the last week as we have a number of celebrations to attend, hence why I am over a week late (again) with my monthly Allegra update! This will be a quick one and I'll let the photos speak for themselves (with the help of my little captions)... oh and I have also included three videos for your viewing, I hope you enjoy!

Allegra had her first lot of professional photos taken yesterday by
 Embrace Images- Photography by Kylie Maguire.
 I wasn't supposed to take part but Kylie asked me to jump
 in for a few quick pics and this is one of them. I adore it!
 Diamonds, pearls and my beautiful Allegra...
 what more could a girl want! :)
Off to our regular Saturday brunch :)
Hee hee... look how long her hair is!
Allegra's first train ride in Sydney :)
An impromptu picnic in Hyde Park, Sydney.
Too cool Allegra! :)
Cheeky girl :)
Our little sleepy head... so gorgeous!
Allegra and Daddy Bouw... feeding Allegra's balloon obsession!
Squealing with delight playing chasey with Mummy in the kitchen!
Our stubborn little girl thinks crawling is
 beneath her and refuses to crawl...
she is on the other hand great on her feet! :)
Allegra continues to fall asleep with
 everything and anything on her head!
Loves her bath!
Peaches and cream... deliciously sweet Allegra!


Little Miss Conversation Hog! She might not be crawling but she can sure hold her own in a conversation! Our ever so chatty Allegra Isobel @ 10 months and 2 days old :)


Little Miss Walkies! Allegra getting almost too quick for Daddy B :)


Little Miss Giggle Monster. Having fun with Nanny G
 (my Mum) before beddy byes :)

She's darling isn't she! Our little lady, what a delight! I cannot believe Allegra's first Birthday is fast approaching... eeek! I better get my act into gear with the party plans!

As for an update on our home, our curtains were finally installed just after Allegra and I left for Melbourne! Due to the fact that we are only renting we didn't have any involvement in selecting the curtains so I am eager (and nervous) to get home to see what they look! I'll keep you posted.

I hope you're having a great week! x


  1. Gee Sonja, can't believe how much your little miss has grown and that her 1st birthday is almost here!! Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous little girl :)

  2. hahaha oh the videos had me smiling from ear to ear! so gorgeous!

  3. Oh my goodness that laugh could melt butter!

  4. I can not believe your little Miss is almost 1!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time just goes way toooo fast!
    She's such a doll. All your photos are stunning!


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