Allegra Isobel Bouw is 11 Months Old!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yep, that's right, Allegra turned 11 months old last Wednesday. Can you believe that in just 24 days my baby girl will be turning one?! I can't. And for those of you who have been following Allegra's journey from day dot, I'm sure you will agree that this last year has flown by! What can I tell you about our little darling this month? Well, she still refuses to crawl this daughter of ours BUT she is great on her feet and very confident so I am quietly hoping to have a walker on our hands by her first birthday (see second video below)! Allegra continues her love affair with balloons, babies, the park and cheese (don't we all) and has also added dogs to the list! She goes absolutely bananas every time she sees one and I even have to stop to let her pat the guide dog statue that sits outside our local supermarket ha ha! She is oh so charming our little miss (possibly even a little cunning hee hee) already trying to charm and talk her way out of trouble. She clearly knows right from wrong which you will see in the first little video below... it's cheeky and so gorgeously hilarious! Allegra already has such a zest for life and there is nothing better than watching the look on her face as she takes it all in. Our beautiful Allegra Isobel, what an angel. Here are a few pics taken over the passed few weeks :)

She's obsessed!
At the park... again :)
Getting more and more confident
 on her feet as each day passes!
Pretty girl :)
Sharing Daddy's ice cream... yum!
Catching up on her fashion
mags before bed hee hee :)
Too darn cute Allegra!
Where did our baby go?! :{
Look how big she is!
Allegra's hair is also getting blonder
by the day! You may recall it
was almost black when she was born!
Me and my girl :) x
Strike a pose why don't you Allegra! :)

Little Miss Right from Wrong :)


Little Miss Go Go Go!

I still can't believe it... although it is starting to feel a little more real as I put the finishing touches on Allegra's invites and get down to planning the nitty gritty details for her party which will be held the first weekend in December... as for her actual birthday (26th November) we will be celebrating in style in Phuket as we are attending a close friends wedding a few days prior- lucky us!

Enjoy the rest of your week! x


  1. I agree the time has flown and Miss Allegra is growing up way too quickly. Her hair is so long and pretty. I look forward to seeing the birthday preparations. xx

  2. Oh Son! She's such a gorgeous little lady! I always love getting Allegra updates :) And no...I cant believe she's going to be 1 already!!!! Time flies when you're having fun :) x

  3. Allegra is such a cutie. My little Georgi is 4 months old already. The time just flys past, I really want her to slow down....xo

  4. awwww she is GORGEOUS!!! they grow up way too fast!

  5. She is so cute! Where are those sweet dreams pyjamas from? x

  6. Anonymous: Allegra's PJ's are from Osh Kosh! I picked them up at the DFO's in Melbourne... I checked online but they don't seem to have them listed, you could call one of their stores to see if they have any in stock... they are SO adorable on :) x

  7. Oh she is darling! Have been sharing her journey and can't believe she is almost 1! What a special year it has been!

  8. Oh Son, she is such a little cutie!! Gorgeous photos - love the pigtails and those eyes!! Can't believe her first birthday is so close and can't wait to see some photos of her party :)

  9. Soo big already!! Soon she'll have a boyfriend! ha!

  10. Hehe, have been meaning to comment for ages, but I saw your family at Taronga Zoo the other day. Tossed up for a split second about coming and saying hi, but though that might be a little too creepy :).
    I'll send a cyber hi! though.

  11. Anonymous: Oh my, that is so funny and I must admit I am a little embarrassed! :o I wouldn't have minded at all if you had of said hi although again, I may have died of embarrassment as I am yet to have any real life encounters with anyone from the blog world and it would be quite a strange feeling to have someone actually recognise me on the street (or at the zoo hee hee). And without sounding vein, I hope I didn't look like a bum :P I just told Mr B and he giggled and said 'yeah knowing us, we were probably arguing or something at the time' you know, the way husband and wife do haha! x P.S Do you have a name anonoymous?! :)

  12. You've been so MIA lately. You must be really busy rearranging/decorating your new place. However, I would not mind if you kept us posted:) I miss your posts


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