When Sonja met Sally!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ok, so it doesn't exactly have the same ring as When Harry met Sally, and there definitely wasn't one of us faking an orgasm in the middle of the restaurant hee hee but last night, Sonja (that's me!) met Sally! You might remember this unbelievable story I posted back in June (if you haven't already read it click here)! So after emailing, Facebooking and sms'ing each other for over a year, my blogging bestie (Sally from Once Daily Chic) and I finally got our acts together and organised a real life catch up! I was a little nervous as this was the first time my virtual world was to cross my real life world... but it turns out I had nothing to worry about! The night began with us both rocking up with almost identical bunches of flowers for each other (hee hee) and after some bubbles and wine, a lovely meal, and not even one awkward silence,  it ended four hours later with us practically being kicked out of the restaurant so they could close! :) And the best part? Sally is exactly how I thought she would be, true to the persona she portrays on her blog. Lovely, gorgeous, down to earth, fun and extremely easy to talk to! I'm sure we'll be doing it all again very soon. Anyway, I thought some of you might enjoy that happy ending. And here's a pic of the two of us! :)

Me and Sal! :)
And a big thank-you again to Sally for picking such a lovely venue for our first meet! We wined and dined with a gorgeous table overlooking the water at the Public Dining Room in Balmoral. Not only is the food and atmosphere delightful but the modern, Scandinavian inspired interior makes it all the more enjoyable! Fellow Sydneysiders, be sure to check it out! x


  1. Awwww I loved that recap son! It was very funny when we both turned up with flowers, it was our first date afterall! And the best bit, seems we could both talk underwater so definately no awkward silence.... Or any silence for that matter! I also had the same feeling that you were exactly what I'd thought you'd be like! Yay for blog friends to 'real life' friends x

  2. I'll bet you two had a fabulous time - it's great to finally meet a fellow blog buddy in person, isn't it? And I'm guessing this was just the first of many catch-ups? K xx

  3. So lovely to connect with a bloggy friend in real life! Gorgeous pic xx

  4. so nice to have finally meet,sounds like you had lots of fun:) sometimes its nice to finally put the faces to there names xx


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