Monday, May 30, 2011

Today is my Birthday! There has been so much happening lately that to be honest, I have not even thought about it until now! So far my day has consisted of an early morning walk with little miss Allegra, the two of us are doing some baking as I type this and the real fun comes this afternoon when Mr B arrives home a little earlier than usual for the 'opening of the presents' followed by an evening out, just the two of us! But presents or no presents, dinner or no dinner, I really can't complain because this is my first Birthday as a Mumma and as soppy as it sounds it really is the best gift of all :) I'll be back tomorrow to share a few pics of my Birthday celebrations and goodies (well hopefully) :) x

Allegra Isobel is 6 Months Old!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Six months ago my life took on a whole new meaning when I was blessed with the gift of motherhood and the most beautiful baby girl... my darling Allegra Isobel. I can't believe she six months old today! Wow. Six months. One of the most amazing and thrilling parts of parenthood is watching your child grow and develop into their own little person and seeing their personality come to life! In the beginning you wonder whether they will have Mummy or Daddy's character traits and as the weeks pass it really is delightful (and sometimes not so much haha) seeing parts of yourself shine through. So, what can I tell you about our little lady to date...

She is beautiful. So beautiful. She can be both quiet and loud. Cautious but bold. Alert and intrigued by what goes on around her. She throws herself into conversation with what we are sure is a very strong opinion on, well, everything. She loves music. And her sippy cup. AND having her back scratched (this she got from me, I'm sure of it). She is a morning person (like her Mum) and greets us each day with the most gorgeous grin from ear to ear as her legs kick off the blankets excitedly. She adores company and being out and about. And this last week it appears she can also be slightly temperamental... although as ridiculously proud and protective parents, I'm sure we are not the first to excuse this occasional unpleasant behaviour by putting it down to teething and an upset tummy... because surely she could not have inherited such behaviour from us could she?! Me, I'll just blame hubby. And I know you fellow parents are with me on this one because god forbid our children are anything but perfect! hee hee :) BUT she is perfect. In our eyes. Our gorgeous Allegra Isobel...

Happy half Birthday my precious, beautiful, darling daughter, Mummy loves you, a bushel and a peck! Now please stop growing so quickly! x

My Early Birthday Getaway to Sabah!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello! Ok, so would you believe I have been packing and unpacking AGAIN! Well, this time I didn't quite mind as Mr B, Allegra and I just arrived home from a blissful 5 day getaway to Sabah! You might remember last year hubby took me on a weekend away for my Birthday to Pangkor Island (just after I announced I was pregnant with Allegra)... well this year I was spoilt again and Sabah was our destination! My actual Birthday isn't for another week or so but with guests coming and going over the next month we decided to get a sneaky Birthday treat in now. This little trip also happened to be our first proper family holiday and it was quite special comparing it the trip we took this time last year... back then we were dreaming about what life would be like once our precious baby was born... and now, a whole year later we found ourselves living (and absolutely loving) the dream :) We stayed at the gorgeous Rasa Ria Resort and had an amazing time from start to finish. Rather than rambling on, I thought I would entertain you with a heap of photos which pretty much sum up how we spent the last 5 days :) ....

The view from our balcony... heaven!

Allegra making herself at home on the king size bed :)

Our very own private tub!

The sunset on the first evening.

Mr B and Allegra attacking the room service menu :)

Both Allegra and I loving the baby pool :)

Daddy & Daughter.

Umm, hello Queen of Sheba! :P

More pool time!

Little Miss Allegra and I at breakfast :)

Our little gigglepot :)

Another hard day at the office! :)

Family Bouw... two out of three smiling is not a bad effort :)

Beddy byes after a hard day at the pool...

Allegra fascinated by everything and
everyone on the flight home :)
This pic was taken earlier today but
I thought it was too cute not to share...
AND this one was taken after her din dins
 tonight... isn't she just too delicious! :)

So there you have it, my week in review! As for the remainder of my week, well I'm a wee bit excited as I have my bestie (who I have previously blogged about here and here) arriving in KL tomorrow night! Amy will stay with us for the next four nights and we are both giddy with excitement that we will get to spend some long overdue quality time together... food for the soul I say :)

I hope you enjoy the next few days as much as I know I will :) x

Allergra's Nursery Update!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

So, after 5 1/2 months of sleeping in Mummy and Daddy's room, we finally moved Allegra into her nursery for the first time last night! Although Mr B and I are happy to have our suite back to ourselves, we were both a little sad when we tucked her into her cot last night... our baby girl is growing up WAY too fast! But, after all those months during pregnancy spent planning and designing the room that would belong to our firstborn baby girl and then daydreaming and imagining her in it, it gave me such a sense of fulfillment as I dimmed down the lights, kissed Allegra goodnight and whispered 'I love you' in her ear. Because sometimes I still pinch myself that she is here. AND that she is ours.

Most of you have probably already seen Allegra's nursery as pictured above (if you haven't, CLICK HERE for all the details). But what you haven't seen is her room from this view (below) including a few framed prints that I have been meaning to share with you for quite some time, as well as her 'Allegra' name plaque that she received from good friends of ours for Christmas :)

Clearly Allegra's Room :)
Top left and bottom right: 'Pair of personalised
 ABC initial prints' both from Etsy store Ampersand,
'Sitting Pretty' owl print from Etsy store Yumi Yumi
and all frames (magenta & white) are from Ikea!

The view as you enter Allegra's nursery.
Speaking of Allegra, here she is relaxing in her room :)
And as you know, we will be moving soon so sadly we will have to bid Allegra's gorgeous nursery adieu... BUT it gives me a great excuse to try and recreate this beautiful space in our new home! :)

My First Mother's Day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I woke to this precious face chatting away in her cot...
Cuddles with my two loves...
A few goodies including this Swarovski
 crystal ring from Allegra and Mr B :)
You can't really see it in the photo but
 a secret heart has been cut into it which
 you can spy as the crystal catches the light :)
A delicious lunch!
My meal, Aglio Olio Spaghettini...
And Mr B's meal,  Ciabatta Steak Sandwich.

Me and my little lady :)
Cupcakes for dessert!

AND the BEST gift I could ask for?! My darling Allegra Isobel! I thought I would share a snippet of Allegra doing watch she does best... chatting (or should I say squealing) her little bum off and melting Mummy's heart with her giggles... LOVE you Allegra!


What a perfect day! I hope you fellow Mummy's enjoyed Mother's day as much as I did! x

Some news...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday I mentioned that I had some exciting news. I was also complaining about unpacking. And how ironic that they now come hand in hand. Here we are about to pack and unpack all over again... but THIS time it's on a MUCH larger scale. Yes, The Bouws are packing up house here in KL and are on the move again... this time to our mother country, Australia! Yipee! Mr B was presented with a work opportunity that was too good to pass up and although the move will not see us return to our home city of Melbourne, it will see us embark on a new adventure in SYDNEY! And all within the next couple of months! Hubby and I are both extremely excited to be returning to our beloved Aussie shores and can't wait to see what this next chapter will bring... hopefully it will include another home make over which I can than share with you :)

So, that's my news! :)

And that bring us to the end of another week. After a busy month I plan to take it easy this weekend with my two favourites with a spot of shopping and lunch on Saturday and not to mention my very first Mother's Day on Sunday! Wishing all the Mum's out there (including my own) a very Happy Mother's Day! Have a gorgeous weekend... x

I'm back!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why hellooooo!!! It really does seem like forever since my last post (almost a month... eeek) but life has been busy busy busy. Allegra and I only just arrived home from our 2 week visit to Melbourne and prior to that we had my Mum visit us here in KL for 12 days. I have the tedious task of unpacking to do so in the meantime,  rather than inundating you with my words, I thought I would make this a VERY visual post and inundate you with HEAP of photos taken over the last month instead... although as always, most of them are of Little Miss Allegra :)

Me and my little lady dressed up for
a fancy Sunday Yum Cha :)

Family Bouw!

My Mum (aka Nanny G) and Allegra :)

My little Burberry baby.

Allegra wearing her first proper pair of jeans :)

Allegra just being cute :)

My best friend, Emma, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy
baby girl, Gabriella Grace, on the morning we landed in Melbourne!
Here's me having my first cuddle with baby Gabriella Grace :)

Yes, a trip to my beloved Melbourne hairdresser
saw me go a shade darker... still not sure if I prefer this
or being a touch blonder...

Allegra Isobel was 5 months old
on the 26th April!

AND what do we have here...
she ALREADY has her first two teeth!

Tummy time!

And again :)

Allegra on one of her playdates with baby Alice :)

More cuteness!

Bath time :P

Having fun @ Nanny G's house!

Cuddling her new lullaby owl.

One more photo of Mumma B and Allegra...

And a very pooped little miss after our
flight home from Melbourne to KL.

I will save giving a proper update on Allegra for when I do her '6 months' post in a few weeks time... I know, 6 months, I can't believe it either! AND I have so much to fill you in on in general... including one rather exciting piece of news which I hope to share soon! Now off to tackle those suitcases... hmph. x


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