When Sonja met Sally!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ok, so it doesn't exactly have the same ring as When Harry met Sally, and there definitely wasn't one of us faking an orgasm in the middle of the restaurant hee hee but last night, Sonja (that's me!) met Sally! You might remember this unbelievable story I posted back in June (if you haven't already read it click here)! So after emailing, Facebooking and sms'ing each other for over a year, my blogging bestie (Sally from Once Daily Chic) and I finally got our acts together and organised a real life catch up! I was a little nervous as this was the first time my virtual world was to cross my real life world... but it turns out I had nothing to worry about! The night began with us both rocking up with almost identical bunches of flowers for each other (hee hee) and after some bubbles and wine, a lovely meal, and not even one awkward silence,  it ended four hours later with us practically being kicked out of the restaurant so they could close! :) And the best part? Sally is exactly how I thought she would be, true to the persona she portrays on her blog. Lovely, gorgeous, down to earth, fun and extremely easy to talk to! I'm sure we'll be doing it all again very soon. Anyway, I thought some of you might enjoy that happy ending. And here's a pic of the two of us! :)

Me and Sal! :)
And a big thank-you again to Sally for picking such a lovely venue for our first meet! We wined and dined with a gorgeous table overlooking the water at the Public Dining Room in Balmoral. Not only is the food and atmosphere delightful but the modern, Scandinavian inspired interior makes it all the more enjoyable! Fellow Sydneysiders, be sure to check it out! x

Allegra's Garden Tea Party!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Me again! Twice in one week, I know! Soooo, I promised to share some pics of Allegra's 1st Birthday party held last weekend at Nanny G's in Melbourne (aka my Mum's house). It was a lovely day (despite the weather being a little on the cool side) and it was so nice to have our family and close friends help celebrate Allegra's special day! Rather than boring you with my words I'll let the pictures and their little captions speak for themselves... but brace yourself, because there are a heap of them! :)

I made these signs using paper and lettering from Spotlight.
My handmade invites! I first purchased this paper from
Catchy Crafts in Hornsby (NSW). Coincidentally, I then found
the same paper (used for signs) at Spotlight in Melbourne!
The party details were on the back and the guest's
names were written on the attached teabags.
I then hand cut all of the number ones and used
mounting tape so that they were slightly raised.
And again.
Allegra's gorgeous party outfit purchased from
the lovely Tami @ Snuggles of Love :)
The quality really is so beautiful...
And fit for a party princess!
My flower arrangements :)
Purchased from the Prahran Market.
Me and my big one year old!
The dessert table!
The set up in Nanny G's back garden :)
The cake! I was originally planning on making a teapot
shaped cake, however with so much else to
prepare I decided to play it safe by dressing up
my homemade, fondant covered choc mud cake!
I used this recipe- the bottom tier was made
from two 23cm cakes and the top tier
from one 15cm cake.
Teapot from T2, fresh flowers from
Prahran Market and ribbon from Spotlight.
A combination of my white chocolate mud cupcakes and
classic cupcake recipe (used in my lemon curd cupcakes),
 both with butter cream icing! Cake stand
 and patty cases from Pink Frosting.
Mini Teacups! These were an absolute hit with the kiddies
 and only took about 10 minutes to make a whole batch!
Get the recipe and instructions here!
Chocolate coated strawberries with handmade
flags using offcuts of paper from the invitations,
toothpicks and my trusty hot glue gun :)
Preparing the infamous rocky road :)
A closer look at the cupcakes :)
Chocolate bars, again, wrapped using the same
paper used for the invitations.
Coconut balls... yum!
Another view of the dessert table.
Buntings from Le Petit Party.
Bits and pieces.
Plastic cutlery from Spotlight, napkins,
 plates &  cups from Pink Frosting
 and table runner from Le Petit Party.
Lollies bought in bulk from
The Biggest Lolly Shop in the World.
For us big kids :)
This kept this kiddies entertained :)
Birthday Cake!
Popcorn boxes...
And lolly bags also from Pink Frosting!
Tags handmade by me :)
The happy, cheeky party girl
rocking her tutu & converse Chuck Taylors :)
Again, also from Pink Frosting.
One more of us Bouw gals :)
Opening presents with Mummy...
AND Daddy :)
Hee hee... so gorgeous!
So there you have it, Allegra's 1st Birthday Party done and dusted! I still can't believe it's been and gone :( Is it too early to start thinking about her 2nd Birthday Party?! hee hee. Apologies if some of the photos are small or unclear (I really need to update my blogger template and layout) but I think I have covered most of the details in the little captions. If I have missed anything or if you have any questions please ask away :) x

Allegra Isobel Bouw is ONE!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've had a few emails over the weeks checking on my whereabouts as I have indeed been MIA lately :/ I wish I could say I've been busily decorating our new home but I'm afraid that's not the case at all. I know I sound like a broken record but it has been a busy month or so with lots going on but I do apologies for my disappearance. We had a trip to Melbourne for my brothers engagement party, then back to Sydney for a week (which was spent nursing one sick little girl), then to Brisbane for my cousins wedding, then we were suppose to fly direct to Thailand for a friends wedding (and a little family holiday) however Mr B was summonsed to London to work on an acquisition so we had to cancel our trip to Thailand boo... and to make things worse Mr B ended up being gone almost an entire month :{ So Allegra and I flew back to Melbourne as this is where we were going to be holding her 1st Birthday party and with hubby/Daddy away, at least we would have company whilst staying at my Mum's place. Oh and somewhere amongst all of this I was planning Allegra's 1st Birthday party. Soooo, that's what's been happening in my world.

Here's a sneak peek at Allegra
in her party outfit :)

More importantly, did I mention that my baby girl turned one 11 days ago!!! Yes, that's right, Allegra Isobel is one! Where on earth did that year go?! I hope you have enjoyed watching her grow through my little 'Allegra' updates as much as I have enjoyed watching her grow in person. She really is the most amazing little girl and it is incredible how as each day passes I adore her even more. Happy 1st Birthday my darling girl, thank-you for the most special year of my life so far... I love you, so very much. And for you my readers, here are a few recent pics and videos of my big one year old :)

And cheekier! :)
The Birthday girl! 26/11/2011
Nanny G's pikelets for brekky, yum! :)
Out for a birthday lunch with
 Mumma B and the family!
Playing with the goodies for her party.
Me and my polka dot princess
all dolled up for my cousins wedding.
Birthday noodles! hee hee

Look who's walking!!! This was taken a week
 or so before her 1st Birthday. Not bad for
 a bub who never crawled :)

My clever and coordinated darling girl
taking her cup-stacking very seriously hee hee :)

And lastly, here is a snippet of Allegra's two latest
obsessions... talking on the phone and kissing!
She is already so affectionate AND
a great communicator :)

Allegra Isobel Bouw, my little miss sunshine :)

Ooh, and I will be back (I promise!) before the week is out to share some pics of Allegra's Birthday bash which was held last Sunday!

Happy hump day my friends :) x


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