Friday, February 17, 2012

Wow. I cannot believe it has been 2 months since I have posted! Thanks so very much to those who have emailed over the weeks letting me know they miss my posts as it has given me a kick up the bum to attempt to get back into blogging! Please know that I haven't been sitting here twiddling my thumbs.. and I know I sound like a broken record... but it HAS been a busy three months...

Allegra and I have had a total of 10 flights (Sydney- Melbourne return x4, Sydney- Brisbane x1, Brisbane- Melbourne x1 and somewhere amongst that Mr B spent an entire month in London!

We have had celebrations galore including my brother's engagement party, my cousin's wedding, Allegra's 1st Birthday, Christmas, News Years, my brother-in-laws 40th, our 2nd wedding anniversary, Australia Day, a close friends wedding, Valentines Day AND my best friends 30th.

Somewhere in between I am slowly but surely making our new place in Sydney home (although we have been living here for 6 months... already)! AND I am excited to say that my vision is starting to come together and I promise I WILL share with you all when I feel it is presentable (and when I get some proper snaps as it's not the easiest house to photograph)!

But for today (and to bring you fully up to date) I thought I would take the easy way out and post a heap of photos of the celebrations mentioned above taken whilst AWOL... oooh, and I am sure you will be shocked to see how much our darling Allegra has grown! Quite the little lady indeed! Although I will hold off on posting too many recent photos of her as I will post her 15 month update next week! :)

My gorgeous Mum and I at my brother's
 engagement party held in Melbourne in November.
Allegra and I all frocked up for my cousin's
 wedding in Brisbane also in November!
And here's Allegra with my Mum (aka Nanny G).
How sweet are these homemade, personalised gingerbread men
made by the groom's Grandma! They doubled as the
bonbonniere AND the name place settings :)
Christmas morning @ Mum's place :)
Like mother like daughter... Allegra and I
enjoying opening some pressies together :)
As always, spoilt by Mr B :)
Our Christmas angel :)
A quick family snap before hubby and I head
out to dine at one of our fav restaurants (Rockpool)
 to celebrate my brother-in-laws 40th Birthday!
Mum spotted this dress in a shop window
 when we were Christmas shopping and
insisted it was for me! :)
And this Tilkah clutch Mum bought me for
Chrissy tied in with my outfit perfectly :)
Mr B & his big brother, the Birthday boy!
A knock at the door revealed a special delivery...
From Mr B for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! :)
Frocked up once again for our
dear friends wedding.
We had such an amazing time drinking and
 dancing the night away... probably the most I have
 kicked up my heels since pre-pregnancy!
And this grin is for no designated driver :)
The gorgeous and delicious cake!
And lastly, here is hubby and I ready for
an early Valentines Day din dins at the
restaurant we married in just over two years ago :)
And here's me wearing my V day present...
this divine dress which I LOVE!
One happy Valentine :)
So there you go. I bet you're sick of my ugly mug now! hee hee

Now that I have given you a debrief of what's been happening in my world, I can shift my focus to returning next week with some home decor dedicated posts! About flippin time you say! Thanks again for sticking with me through my absence my friends :}

Have a beautiful weekend :) x


  1. another post from you, great!!! i've been waiting for sooooo long! missed your blog entries! lots of greetings from austria

  2. Just came across your blog and love it!!! I must admit each entry has been eye candy for me,It's all so beautiful and girly- from the amazing wedding invitations to the adorable teapot cutouts!! Would love to know how you do it and where do you find the time!! Looking forward to your next entry :) A.Hilton

  3. I love the Orange/red lipstick you're wearing in the picture of you in the black dress, could you id it please??


  4. Welcome back! Look forward to your upcoming posts!

  5. it's good to have you back, really missed your posts.

  6. Thanks ladies, it nice to be back and even nicer to be missed :) x

    And Suzy, I am crazy about that lipstick too! It is called 'Morange' (#A71) by MAC! I hope you can ind it instore, if not I am pretty sure it is available online: x

  7. woop woop you're back! xo

  8. Awww I miss you! And your little allegra is growing up so fast (Adorable) . . . . so you are now going to have to dish on all those great dresses!!!!
    xoxo E

  9. yea! your'e back! can you please share where you bought the:

    musk pink dress with all the amazing embellishments

    orange and pink skirt

    black dress

    thank you in advance! love your style!


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