Liar liar!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ahhh, trust Blogger to make a liar out of me! I logged into my account the day after my last post (honouring my vow to make a return to regular blogging) only to be greeted with a message that my computer software no longer supported my Blogger account! Nooooo!!!

I was well overdue to replace my four year old Sony Vaio anyway (especially seeing as Mr B dropped it last month which resulted in a cracked screen) so I guess this was just the kick up the backside I needed to finally upgrade! Soooo I am sitting here typing this (very happily!) on my brand spanking new MacBook Pro :)

Please give me a few days to find my way around the different set up as well as move some of my files across from my old laptop... but after that, I'm all yours! Have a great w/e! x


  1. looking so forward to your following posts! sitting in front of my mac as well - loving it!!!

  2. You'll LOVE the MacBrook Pro Son. I have a new one too, as my last Mac Laptop was getting too small {small screen size....for print designing} and Chris started taking over my big Mac desktop with his work :)))) I am in love with my macbook though! Looking fwd to more posts from you my dear :)

  3. I got a macbook pro just b4 Xmas and am in love... good to have you back! xx


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