Update- The Master Bedroom!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hi there! So, it's not quite 100% finished but I did promise to give you a sneak peek of our master bedroom with the new bedside tables I posted about last week! Did I mention I am completely in love with them?! They really have added so much to the room and paired with my new Sinhala cushion covers and Sheridan throw, they have me smiling every time I walk through the door :)

Gold Spaghetti Occasional Table
from Freedom

Soooo, what do you think?! I know I'm smitten :)

Next on the list is finding something to go on the wall above the huge leather bed head!

On a separate note, my darling Allegra is 16 months old today... I really can't believe it! I'll be back with her monthly update later in the week! S x

My Weekend.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Yay for Friday! After having a house full of guests last weekend (which we did indeed love) we are looking forward to a slightly less hectic one this weekend! Shopping, some exercise and a small dinner party is what we have on the cards. Allegra accompanied me to both the florist and local fruit and veg store this morning to buy some beautiful and bright flowers for the table. And as you will see above, my little lady was also rather eager to help me set the table. She really is just so sweet :)

Ooh, and I now have my stunning gold Spaghetti Occasional Tables all set up in our master bedroom and I LURVE them! Perfection. Stay tuned for some pics next week :)

Have a great weekend! x

Going for gold!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday afternoon I picked up a copy of the latest Real Living magazine as my bloggy bestie Sally from Once.Daily.Chic was featured in an amazing six page spread! And although I already had a soft copy of the article, it wouldn't be right if I didn't see Sal (and her apartment) looking all gorgeous and glam in the paper flesh! What a great feature, well done Sal! :)

Whilst flicking through the feature 'Go glam, transform your home' on pages 54-59, I spotted the above Spaghetti Occasional Table from Freedom and knew immediately that I must have one if not two of these gold darlings! And with the price tag of $129 each, I was sold! They are a part of Freedoms new 'Limited edition' range so I also knew I had to snap them up quickly! I phoned my local store and as if it was fate they only had two left... I will pick them up later this afternoon!

I have been dreaming of injecting some gold into our new home for months now and these tables will make a beautiful start! Come to think of it I don't think we had any gold (furniture OR accessories) in our previous home so I am having fun gradually creating a space that is very different to out super modern 'white with pops of colour' apartment in KL. I guess that's one positive side of renting, you can experiment more with styles that you might not necessarily go with if it was your own home. I will wait until I have the tables home before I decide whether they will go in the lounge room or the master bedroom but I will be sure to keep you posted :)

Spaghetti Occasional Table
Limited Edition in gold, buy here!
Whilst I'm on the topic of gold... I am really considering paying my pal Louise from Table Tonic a visit to increase my Moroccan Pouffe collection from three to four! Seriously friends, I am not sure I will ever tire of them, I still love mine to bits! THE most versatile decor accessory I have ever purchased. And I am mega crushing on this one below...

Handmade Moroccan Faux Leather Pouffe
from Table Tonic. Buy here!

Anyway, I must be off and get myself out of my gym gear and into some proper clothes while my little lady sleeps! Have a great day :) x


Thursday, March 8, 2012

A year and a half after I posted about these babies, I finally purchased me a pair of these funky and fun male/female bathroom decor signs from Etsy Seller Mooza! They have heaps of different patterns and colours to choose from and can even custom make to suit your need. I should receive mine in the next few days so I'll be sure to let you know how they look... this is the pattern pairing I decided on...

Moroccan- blue- stripes
I thought the tones would go
 perfectly with the Missoni towels
that hang inside our powder room :)
And again :)
As well as these decor signs, Mooza also custom make words, names and numbers! Here are a few examples:

Click here to purchase Mooza's handmade work from their website and here for a sticky beak at their Etsy store! x

Around the house!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hi there! Whilst I'm not even close to feeling like our home is presentable enough to share with you all, I do feel I owe you a few little updates! You might remember this post from back in November... well as you will see below, I decided on both the cushions I was considering, although I ended up going with the Schumacher Summer Palace cushions in charcoal rather than navy blue. I must say I adore them both! AND as I had hoped, they both tie in with the curtains you may remember me whinging and moaning about :}

You can purchase the Shumacher Summer Palace in
 charcoal from here and the Chiang Mai Dragon in
 aquamarine here. Both Etsy sellers were a dream to work
 with and both products are just beautiful!
 I couldn't be happier :)
I have been wanting to purchase both of these
Papillon Butterfly prints for too long now!

I particularly LOVE this green one with a hint of
 turquoise and think both will tie in perfectly with
the above new cushions :) My mission this
week has been trying to find the perfect frames!
You can purchase both from the lovely and
super talented Kerri @ Driftwood Interiors.

Now, moving onto the master bedroom... you might also remember this post where I thought I had narrowed it down to a couple of cushion combos. Well, after spending a little more time browsing through Etsy (the best place to purchase cushions in my opinion!) I fell in love with a fabric that I considered fresh, funky, fun and a touch feminine (with the bold floral print) and my mind was made up. I am still umping and ahhing about whether or not to team these with a pop of colour at the back but here are the gorgeous cushions...

Sinhala linen pillow covers in Bittersweet, buy here!
Do you remember this Ikea Norrsten Cabinet that
 I jazzed up with a little DIY animal print lining?

Well in our new place here is Sydney it has found a new home in the informal dining area just off the kitchen (in our previous home it was in the living/formal dining area). Last week I purchased this 'Banks Mirror' from Freedom and this afternoon I had it hung (along with our cherished Narate Kathong painting which is now gracing the walls of the formal dining room down stairs)!

Banks Mirror from Freedom
It looks fabulous, gives the cabinet a new style and is a perfect fit with our dining table and floorboards. Once I create a vignette to go with the mirror (on top of the cabinet), I'll be back with a little show and tell :)

Besides the above, it's been a case of out with the old and in with the new in the Bouw household. Mr B has been helping me de-clutter and I have been selling up a storm on ebay (which is completely new to me!) to try and get rid of some bulky items we no longer want or have room for. And as a result the last week or so has seen us become the proud owners of a Weber BBQ, new kettle and coffee machine, new laptop and printer and a new ironing board... exciting stuff I know hee hee :)

Oh and I also purchased something funky for the toilet this afternoon (yes, the toilet!) but I'll save that for another post :) x


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