My Weekend.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Yay for Friday! After having a house full of guests last weekend (which we did indeed love) we are looking forward to a slightly less hectic one this weekend! Shopping, some exercise and a small dinner party is what we have on the cards. Allegra accompanied me to both the florist and local fruit and veg store this morning to buy some beautiful and bright flowers for the table. And as you will see above, my little lady was also rather eager to help me set the table. She really is just so sweet :)

Ooh, and I now have my stunning gold Spaghetti Occasional Tables all set up in our master bedroom and I LURVE them! Perfection. Stay tuned for some pics next week :)

Have a great weekend! x


  1. oh i love this colourful flowers - just beautiful!!!

  2. Allegra is such a cutie. Ohh and i love those napkins, where did you buy them?

  3. Hi there,

    Wow I've been missing your blog. Allegra is looking oh so cute ..and the colour combination of the flowers and the table setting is so pretty..... good to have you back !

  4. Gotta love a Mummy's Little Helper! Imogen has recently turned four, and the helping is actually just that these days; depending on the task. :) x

  5. Love the colour theme! And how gorgeous is Allegra helping you out? My Little Miss helps me 'clean' around the house, it's too cute.


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