Update- The Master Bedroom!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hi there! So, it's not quite 100% finished but I did promise to give you a sneak peek of our master bedroom with the new bedside tables I posted about last week! Did I mention I am completely in love with them?! They really have added so much to the room and paired with my new Sinhala cushion covers and Sheridan throw, they have me smiling every time I walk through the door :)

Gold Spaghetti Occasional Table
from Freedom

Soooo, what do you think?! I know I'm smitten :)

Next on the list is finding something to go on the wall above the huge leather bed head!

On a separate note, my darling Allegra is 16 months old today... I really can't believe it! I'll be back with her monthly update later in the week! S x


  1. Hello Sonja! Beautifull work on your bedroom! I love the bedside tables as well. Very elegant! We miss your posts! Cheers from Portugal

  2. hi sonja ..LOVE love your cushions!! the bedside tables looks divine,as always love your style and is very smitten with yrou new cover..take care melli xox

  3. nice... when you DO come up with the bedroom back wall, do share! Ive been dialling and dallying over that point for - oh - about 3 years now.... I don't think the wedding pic from 8 years ago really does the room justice anymore! I have inspiration to create a juju inspired art piece but so far have not gone any further than buying some styrofoam backing and bits of paper! Like the tables btw, I bought something similar from Freedom a couple of years ago but in silver... its a miracle my children have not yet broken it!! Hope all well...... x

  4. Love Love Love! Especially those gorgeous gold side tables from Freedom! I want one so much.
    Loni, Adore Home magazine. x

  5. They do look lovely Son and happy 16 months to your beautiful munchkin. xx


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