Allegra Isobel Bouw is 17 months old!

Friday, May 4, 2012


I am still feeling a little guilty about missing Allegra's 16 month update but hopefully this one makes up for it :) What can I tell you about Allegra this month?! She continues to be an absolute chatterbox, is expanding her vocabulary every day and even spoke her first proper sentence a few weeks ago which was 'Mumma this is a book' too cute and too clever is my little girl :) Although this is not to say that she isn't still speaking in her own alien language... it is honestly fascinating to listen too! I have included a video at the bottom of this post which you must watch! Gosh she makes me giggles. We recently started group singing/music classes and now Allegra makes me sing for her shouting 'more more' and applauds me after every verse... she certainly loves to be entertained! Allegra is already exhibiting a love for jewellery and accessories (which you will see in a few of the pics below) and loves dressing up herself and others. And as you will see in all of the pics, Allegra is so grown up now! Our little teething monster cut her last baby tooth a few weeks ago. I know, all 20 teeth at 17 months, insane! Anyway, as always I'll include my little captions with the following pics which were all taken over the passed couple of weeks :)

Showing off her new necklace :)
She looks so delicious in her
jim jams doesn't she?! :)
Such the poser :)
Looking rather cheeky in the
new PJ's that Daddy picked for her :)
Peaches and cream... delicious :)
Allegra sharing Daddy's lollipop!
Do you think he got it back?! hee hee
Allegra has graduated from crayons to
 (washable) textas! Here is a piece of her art
 work completed on her 17 month birthday :)
This was taken this morning...
Allegra playing dress ups with some
old bangles I found packed away :)
Monkeying around :)
Allegra LOVES the park. It's now her
favourite word... park park park!
I adore kisses from my best girl xxx
THE cutest! :)
Allegra Isobel looking grown up and gorgeous
in her little trench coat :) 

I had to include this photo one more time...
it is my new fav! Seriously, butter wouldn't
melt in her mouth :)

I might be biased but is she not the most beautiful little darling ever?! Love you Allegra! x

What's on for the weekend?! We have a breakfast date with some close girlfriends who are up in Sydney at the moment and I am getting my hair done tomorrow afternoon thank goodness... it is in desperate need of some pampering! As for Sunday, we don't have much planned at all... just the way I like it :)

Enjoy! x


  1. Oh my goodness Son, she is just divine and I cant believe 17 months.
    It seems like a few weeks ago she was born and you were living abroad.
    How time flies when your being a wonderful Mummy. ;-)
    Thanks for your lovely words over at my blog the other day.
    Dinner with long time friends for us this weekend and Tae kwon do for Master 4.5.
    Take care.....xK

  2. Such pretty photos of your gorgeous girl. She is growing up so quickly!! Such a fun age - the fun just keep on coming from now on :)

  3. She is absolutely beautiful! Those eyes are stunning!

  4. So cute! She is growing into a such a precious little lady :) Where did you get her toy box from?

  5. She is such a true beauty! What a gorgeous little lady she is growing into. I can not believe she's 17months....gosh time flies!
    Lovely photos Son. Enjoy your weekend x

  6. All teeth at her age - unbelievable!!!! At the moment I'm waiting for my baby boys first toothiepeg - man it really is exhausting :)


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