Allegra Isobel Bouw is 18 Months Old!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ok so Allegra is now closer to 19 months than she is 18 months (I've been super slack ~ again!) BUT I just had to get this post in as 18 months (wow- a year and a half!) is I guess a little milestone. I pinch myself most days that this amazing little girl is mine. I am still in my element, every single day, as get to spend all my time with her. She is just so much fun to hang out with! You will see by the photos and video below that she continues to blossom into a gorgeous little person.

Finally big enough to wear the Burberry
 dress Daddy bought for her 1st Birthday
 all the way from London!
Outta my way Mum!
Look at my outfit Mumma ~such a fashionista! :P
Fun @ the park ~ still obsessed!
Look Mum, the bubba! :)
Cutie pie :)
Treating ourselves to some popcorn
@ the Sydney Aquarium! :)
This was Allegra's first time eating popcorn and
she absolutely demolished the bucket...
with a little help from me of course :)
Not guilty Mumma!
Helping me pick the patty cases for my
Birthday cupcakes :)
Allegra was a little under the weather when
this was taken ~ little angel x

Sick little monkey :(
Very happy about wearing her Ra Ra skirt to playgroup :) 

This video was taken over 3 weeks ago... our clever girl clearly knows all about Bubba Bouw... soooooo sweet! :)

Mumma love you darling, a bushel and a peck! x

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