Inspiration: Allegra's Big Girl Room!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ok so I think I may have finally found my decor design mojo! You might remember that when I was pregnant with Allegra I was very enthusiastic about designing and creating a space for her that we would both love. Well I am most definitely the same the second time around... but... you will be disappointed to know that (just like with Allegra) we won't be sharing BB#2's gender when we do find out so that means any plans for the new nursery will remain under wraps... Sorry! hee hee

Allegra's current room will become BB's new nursery (it's closer to our room and much more practical) and we will be converting the current guest bedroom into Allegra's new big girls room! There are still too many goodies in Allegra's room to start from scratch so I will try and incorporate some old with some new. I have found a heap of divine items online that I am pretty sure I will be purchasing over the coming weeks (never fear, when I do I will definitely share) but for the time being I thought I would share a few images that have tickled my fancy and sent my decorating imagination running wild!


(images from decor pad)
Yep, as you can see I am still loving colour colour and more colour! Perfect for a toddlers room :)

I have my babysitters inlaws arriving tomorrow morning for a week and they are itching for some 1:1 time with Allegra... hopefully the perfect opportunity for me to have some time to myself and start tackling projects around the house! I'm determined to keep this mojo burning! x


  1. Just caught up on your news Son... Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Allegra's new room is going to look fabulous. Have fun with your decorating, I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. xx

  2. Oooh I love!
    I'm the middle of re-doing Ella's room :) I got all motivated & busy with it...and then slacked it's a bit of a mished mashed mess of decor at the moment :)
    I love that photo of the red & aqua blue scheme. With the red polka dot bed spread & the bunting!
    I can't wait to see what you do :)

  3. Those are lovely rooms you have shared in here. So nice to sleep all day all nights in those bed. :)

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  4. Hey Son, I absolutely LOVE the first Inspiration picture - so gorgeous!!!! I'm sure Allegra's gonna get a great big girl room!!!

  5. For a long time I follow your blog, your family is so sweet. I can not wait to see Allegra big room, I'm sure will be beautiful.


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