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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello friends!!! Yikes, it has been a terribly long time since my last post hasn't it! I would probably still be missing in action had it not been for a lovely email I received last week from a reader/follower of my blog. She was concerned for my well-being as I hadn't posted in such a long time! I was quite touched and a little guilt ridden to have taken my blog friends and followers for granted. I guess the thought never crossed my mind that I would be all that missed or that I would have someone worrying about me and my little family. I can happily say that all is very well in the Bouw household and that life has just been very busy with parenting/pregnancy/family/friends/travel/work/ priorities coming before this little blog of mine. I have had little time and little motivation at the end of each day and have chosen relaxing on the couch with Mr B (and being sucked into a little reality TV here and there hee hee) over blog posting.

The last few months have flown by and I am now in my 29th week of this pregnancy! I know some of you may be missing the belly updates I was so disciplined in posting whilst pregnant with Allegra so I thought I'd bring you up top date with the following pics: 

Our beautiful, snug, bubba Bouw @ 13 weeks!
16 Weeks!
Just shy of 18 weeks :)
Gorgeous BB @ 19 weeks and 2 days :)
And again :)
Half way ~ bubba bump @ 20 weeks!
3 days shy of 22 weeks.
24 weeks!
2 days shy of 26 weeks!
27.5 weeks!
Rocking my maternity jeans last
Saturday night @ 3 days shy of 28 weeks :)
Me looking rather proud after deciding to wear my hair
 up for once... top knot for the win! :)
28 weeks! Hello week 29 :)
28 weeks! Much bigger than last month!

That should bring you completely up to date on the progress of my pregnancy :) We have another appointment to see my OB this coming Thursday which is always an absolute delight :)

On a separate note, progress has been made on both Allegra's big girl room and bubba Bouw's nursery but neither are close to a reveal so I'll hold off any posting any pics just yet.

Oh and one more thing, whilst I have been slack with blogging over the last few months, I have jumped  on the Instagram bandwagon! You can find me under Mrs Bouw :) x


  1. I'm so glad everything is ok. I've been stopping by for my fix every couple of days wondering where you've been.

    I'm also pregnant with my 2nd (17weeks) and I can tell you you're looking absolutely amazing. What maternity jeans did you go with? And where is that amazing leather jacket from?

    Can't wait for the room reveals!

  2. omg i am SO happy you posted . . . I was getting a little worried too! . . . so now that you look absolutely amazing (again) being pregnant you have to dish on some of those clothes!! leather wrap jacket??? hello!!!!

  3. Great to hear all is going well with you Sonja and congratulations on your expecting another bub(I must have missed that announcement) but I'm SOOO happy for you that your gorgeous family will be growing by one soon :) Speaking of gorgeous, you are looking amazing as always even with your growing bump!! Take care lovely x

  4. Thanks for your lovely messages ladies :)

    Adriana, congrats on your second pregnancy, I hope you are feeling well! As for the maternity jeans, they are buy James Jeans and I purchased them online from Queen Bee. Do you live in Australia? They do ship internationally but if you live in Oz they usually have your order delivered within 24-48 hours AND if it doesn't fit you can exchange or refund :) I am so happy with my jeans (the only maternity item I have ever bought besides nursing bras) and if you do decide to get a pair note that they are true to size! i.e.. if you are a 27 pre pregnancy than you will be a 27 in these jeans. There is a sizing chart for you to refer to anyway, I hope that helps :)

    AND for you both you ladies (Adriana and Emma) by amazing jacket is from Scanlan and Theodore. It was a bit an investment buy (actually a valentines day gift from MR B purchased in February) and an accident at the same time! I was actually buying a dress (the one pictured above teamed with the fur vest at 22 weeks pregnant). The assistant was showing me how versatile the dress was and slipped the jacket on me just so I could get and idea of a different look. As soon as I put it on I was like 'ahhhh, why did you show me this jacket, I am meant to be focusing on the dress' hee hee... fair to say it was love at first sight :) I had been looking for 'THE' leather jacket for years so I ignored the price tag and went back and bought it the following week... no regrets here, I get comments whenever I wear it and it continues to accommodate my growing bump too so money well spent! :) xxx

  5. Oooh, sorry Adriana, I meant to include the link to the jeans for you :)


  6. So glad you posted, I have to admit, I've been worrying about you as well... But hey - you just look AMAZING!!! And wow - 29th week - time flies! Wish you all the best for the last few (exhausting) weeks! Hope to get a little sneak peek at the nursery and Allegras big girl room soon!

  7. oh good oh good...she's back !!! It's been a habit now every morning to just browse by 'Tied with a Bouw' and see if there is updates... Am soooo glad you are back again, glad you are fine and you look absolutely fabulous ! Keep posting when you can :)


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