Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello! You may remember my infamous chesterfield lounges (as featured on the cover of Adore Magazine back in December 2010, above) well they've been in storage since we relocated to Sydney last year as sadly, they are just too big for the house we are living in now. Last month we finally moved them to a storage facility closer to where we are living so that we can hopefully find them a new home :)

Before I list them on Ebay I thought I would give you, my Sydney/Australian based bloggers, the opportunity to express any interest you may have in purchasing our white leather chesterfield lounges. Both lounges are in great condition and remain in the packaging that was provided by the professional removalists when we relocated. I don't have the exact measurements at hand but by memory the x3-4 seater is 2.9m long and 1.1m deep and the x2 seater is 2.1m long and 1.1m deep. Please email me at with any questions you may have :) x

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous sofas!! Wish I could give them a new home!


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