Hello week 33!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tomorrow I hit the start of week 33 of my pregnancy... jeepers has it flown this time around! I still don't think it has really sunk in that our family of three will very soon become four but what I do know is that Mr B, Allegra and I are all starting get very excited as the due date for BB #2 creeps closer and closer! We cannot wait to meet our little bundle :) I thought I'd post just a few pics to keep you all in the loop :) 
How gorgeous is our bubba @ 31 weeks?! LOVE!!! 
Bump @ 31 weeks...
And again @ the beginning of week 32 ~
 taken last week on our Baby moon! :)
We arrived back in Sydney yesterday morning after a blissful 5 days in sunny Queensland... we thought it wise to take a bit of a 'baby moon' before my travel ban kicks in and of course before life gets a whole lot crazier! I will include a few more snaps for our trip away when I do Allegra's '22 Months' post... yes my friends, my little girl will be turning two in just over two months time! You won't believe how much she has grown and blossomed since I posted her '20 Months' photos! Stay tuned :) x


  1. Wow, the time has flown and you look gorgeous Son, can't wait to see how much Miss Allegra has grown. xx

  2. You look so beautiful!! I am 16 weeks now and love reading your blog for nursery and maternity inspiration!!


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