Sneak peek: Allegra's 'Big Girl' Room!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Allegra's 'big girl' room is still a few months off being finished BUT I thought I would at least reveal/tease you with the items that inspired the colour palette for the room... these gorgeously vibrant cushions (even more beautiful in the fabric flesh!) from Ada & Darcy and this print which you can purchase from this Etsy store! The words featured on the print (from Doris Day's song 'A bushel and a peck') hold sentimental meaning to us as I sang it to Allegra thoughout my pregnancy and continue to do so now :) x

Happy Thursday everyone! :) x

M.I.A, a lovely email and an update!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello friends!!! Yikes, it has been a terribly long time since my last post hasn't it! I would probably still be missing in action had it not been for a lovely email I received last week from a reader/follower of my blog. She was concerned for my well-being as I hadn't posted in such a long time! I was quite touched and a little guilt ridden to have taken my blog friends and followers for granted. I guess the thought never crossed my mind that I would be all that missed or that I would have someone worrying about me and my little family. I can happily say that all is very well in the Bouw household and that life has just been very busy with parenting/pregnancy/family/friends/travel/work/ priorities coming before this little blog of mine. I have had little time and little motivation at the end of each day and have chosen relaxing on the couch with Mr B (and being sucked into a little reality TV here and there hee hee) over blog posting.

The last few months have flown by and I am now in my 29th week of this pregnancy! I know some of you may be missing the belly updates I was so disciplined in posting whilst pregnant with Allegra so I thought I'd bring you up top date with the following pics: 

Our beautiful, snug, bubba Bouw @ 13 weeks!
16 Weeks!
Just shy of 18 weeks :)
Gorgeous BB @ 19 weeks and 2 days :)
And again :)
Half way ~ bubba bump @ 20 weeks!
3 days shy of 22 weeks.
24 weeks!
2 days shy of 26 weeks!
27.5 weeks!
Rocking my maternity jeans last
Saturday night @ 3 days shy of 28 weeks :)
Me looking rather proud after deciding to wear my hair
 up for once... top knot for the win! :)
28 weeks! Hello week 29 :)
28 weeks! Much bigger than last month!

That should bring you completely up to date on the progress of my pregnancy :) We have another appointment to see my OB this coming Thursday which is always an absolute delight :)

On a separate note, progress has been made on both Allegra's big girl room and bubba Bouw's nursery but neither are close to a reveal so I'll hold off any posting any pics just yet.

Oh and one more thing, whilst I have been slack with blogging over the last few months, I have jumped  on the Instagram bandwagon! You can find me under Mrs Bouw :) x


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