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Sunday, August 25, 2013

After receiving several requests to post more about my fashion style and where I buy certain items etc. I thought I'd start a new 'Get the look' series! So, here's what I wore to a cousins 40th last night (I'm still obsessing over these super comfy animal pants)! Excuse the dodgy backdrop (my Mum will kill me for photographing her usually manicured backyard in it's wintery and weedy state ~ sorry Mum!) but it's all we could manage in-between bath and bed time for the girls and before the sun went down! You can find the links for the essential items at the bottom of the post! Get the look 'Animal Pant' from Seed
Embellished collar shell top from Country Road
Shoes from Tony Bianco
Lipstick and polish both from Ingot

Happy shopping! x


  1. Stunning as always, Mrs Bouw! Looking forward to more outfit posts. You certainly do have style!

  2. I adore the shade of lipstick! Could you please tell me the number or name? Thanks :)

    1. Hi anonymous! Thanks for your comment! I had someone ask me for the exact colour recently and I think I forgot to respond so you've just reminded me ;) It's my all time favourite lippy and is colour #127 :) xxx


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