Flashback: Allegra's 2nd Birthday Party!

Monday, September 16, 2013

With both Anya and Allegra's Birthdays fast approaching, I have started giving thought to what I need to organise for their party this year, especially trying to decide on a theme! Given their birthdays are only four days apart and that they have many mutual friends, it only makes sense to have a joint party! This will probably become tradition for the next few years until they are old enough to truly want a party of their own. Plus, I think Mr B would disown me if I put him through two 'over-the-top' parties each year especially so close together hee hee. It reminded me that due to the break I took from blogging last year, I never got around to posting any pics from Allegra's second Birthday party which was almost 10 months ago! Anya was only a few weeks old at the time so it was perhaps a little crazy ambitious of me to make everything myself (including the cake which turned out a wee bit wonky haha but did the trick) but everything came together in the end and we all had a lovely afternoon! I thought you might like a sticky beak :) Details of where I purchased some of the bits and pieces can be found at the bottom of the post!

Bits & pieces:

Britt Baby 'Swing tutu dress' and matching hair clips from Buckets & Spades
'Sweet Lucy' paper ball lanterns from Pink Frosting
Pink polka dot ball Lanterns from Pink Frosting
Custom made lolly pops (used with the vintage floral bags as party favours) from Holly Lolly
Vintage floral party bags from Pink Frosting
Assorted pink cupcake cases from Pink Frosting
Powder blue striped cupcake cases (used to hold popcorn) from Pink Frosting
Powder blue party napkins from Pink Frosting
Cardboard cupcake stands from Pink Frosting
Limoncello paper cups and napkins from Sweet Style
Yellow honeycomb ball lanterns from The Complete Kids Party
Davis & Waddell pink 'Taste Parlour' cake stand from Party & Co
Davis & Waddell pink 'Retro milkshake cups' from Party & Co
Paper Eskimo bunting from Le Petit Party
Invitations were custom designed (after I requested the chevron) and made by Azure Blue Design. They can now be found in her Etsy store Azure Blue Design.
'Little Miss' cupcakes toppers printed by Azure Blue Design and then cut and constructed by me (I used them on the custom made lolly pops and as envelope seals).
Birthday cake made by me :)

This year I won't have a newborn on my hands so I'll have more time to get everything right. So let the party planning begin! Stay tuned :)


  1. Sticky beak isn't the nicest thing to call your readers......

    Glad you ae back blogging regardless. Your daughter is gorgeous and her party looks amazing. Can't imagine doing that with a toddler and newborn! Good job!

  2. Hi anonymous,

    Thanks so much for your feedback, it certainly is great to be back blogging :)

    Also, I'm sorry if I offended you, I think you have misinterpreted/misread what I wrote. I did not call my readers a sticky beak but simply asked if you 'would like a sticky beak'. I'm not sure if you are from Australia but here it's a slang term mostly used in a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek way as a as a figure of speech that is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended. So please don't take it at face value.

    S x

    1. I love a good sticky beak! So pretty. My son is turning 2 soon. Maybe a Mr Trouble theme ? He's so cheeky! All the best with your party prep x

    2. Thanks lovely! Hee hee, I love a good sticky beak too! A 'Mr' theme would be so cute too... and there are so many characters to choose from! I toyed with the idea (ran out of steam haha) but if you end up going with a particular Mr character, you could even go as far as giving the book as a party favour to the kids! I'd love to know what theme you end up coming with :)

  3. Amazing job, everything looks great!

  4. Looks like a fabulous party - great job. Look forward to seeing this year's pics :)

  5. Gorgeous! I would however warn anyone thinking of using Pink Frosting for supplies to look them up on
    product review.com.au
    Some (many) of us haven't had the best dealings with them!

    1. Oh thanks for reminding me about Pink Frostings service (I had totally forgotten seeing as it was almost a year ago!)... I ordered a heap from them for Allegra's 1st birthday party and they were great with super quick delivery. However, last year they were quite slack and I did have to do some chasing up! I actually try and source products from the smaller Australian businesses now as I would prefer to support them and their service is generally better and more personal too! x

  6. Love it all Son...so girly and pretty and fun!
    I too did Ella's 4th birthday party {the farm one} when Ryder was just a few weeks old. It was exhausting...so I know exactly what you mean :)
    I love throwing my kids parties and I get so inspired by others {like you} sharing their party pics.
    Claire x

    1. Thanks so much lovely Claire... I don't think I need to tell you that I find you inspiring on all levels, not just party planning! ;) xxx

  7. Beautiful pics! Where are your shoes from Mrs B?? They look great!

  8. Love the colours! Where are your shoes from Mrs B?? Beautiful!

    1. Hi Suzan! My wedges are from Country Road (almost two years old now!) and one of the only pairs of wedges I have ever felt comfortable in from a style point of view (I feel trashy in most wedges, but that's just me). They often re-run certain styles so maybe check back as summer approaches to see if they are doing similar again this year :) xxx

  9. I love everything about that party! So beautiful, and that cake - wow!!!! This is very inspiring to me, as I already think about my boys 2nd birthday in January! Thank you!
    xxx silke

    1. Thank-you for such sweet feedback Silke! Please do let us know what you decide on for your sons Birthday! xxx

  10. Wow what a beautiful party. Allegra is lucky to have such an amazing mummy :)

    Where did you get those fab wedges from??

    1. Thank- you, so sweet of you to say :)

      P.S See above comment re: shoes :) x


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