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Monday, September 2, 2013

Even though it is only the second day of spring, I think I am already over the floral quilt cover I bought a few months ago. Today as I re-made my bed I found myself falling in love with my crisp, white linen all over again. It's hard to beat isn't it! Hmmm, perhaps I jumped the gun a little and should have saved the florals for spring/summer instead of the middle of winter?! Not to mind. It's always fun to mix it up depending on my mood :) I'm curious to know which look people prefer more... the flouncy florals or the welcoming white?! Either way I thought I'd piece together a little 'Get the look' for you incase you were interested in any of the items. Enjoy!

Get the look:

'Gracia' cushion from KAS Australia
Mercer & Reid 'Jolie' quilt cover from Adairs
Sinhala Linen pillow cover in 'Bittersweet' from Etsy seller Spark Modern
Spaghetti Occasional table from Freedom
Zarina mirror from Matt Blatt
Lowercase letters from Typo
Missoni candle from Top3 by design
White rocking bird from West Elm
Faux coral peonies from Pottery Barn Australia


  1. Both are gorgeous, but I love the white linen! I'm a sucker for crisp white with pops of colour or unique accent pieces.

    Oh and would you mind telling me please if your spaghetti tables are gold or bronze? They only seem to have bronze on the website, but from memory gold was once an option.

    Thanks so much!
    Loving the new look blog!

  2. Love the look Son and if you ever want to get rid of those gold tables keep me in mind! xx

  3. Love the vibrancy of the floral print and why not for Winter? Something to brighten the gray days with while white is beautiful and crisp for Spring/Summer ;)

  4. Both are lovely, I particularly like the floral though as it is very warm looking, here in Ireland we have a lot of cold wet weather so I always love something with a warm look to it :) Thanks for sharing

    All things nice...

  5. Your side tables look fantastic they suit the room so much, I just bought the bronze one from Freedom for my living room :)
    I think the floral one is nice for spring and the white for summer!


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