Get the look: Relaxed pant, from day to night!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I stumbled on these great 'relaxed pant' by accident but boy am I glad I did! Last week I underwent a small procedure that meant I would be restricted to wearing a compression stocking on my leg for a whole week.... ugh. So, the weekend before last I decided to shop around for some baggy-ish pants that would be able to accommodate for my compression stocking and not leave me feeling too much like a stuffed sausage... and voila, these babies came up trumps! From day to night they are so versatile and super duper comfy! I wore them on Thursday during the day on Mr B's Birthday and again last night when we headed out for a celebratory dinner. Details from both outfits are listed below :)



Get the look!

By day:

Black relaxed pant from Seed
Red ‘Trafaluc’ strappy heels from Zara
Gold ‘Positano’ sunglasses (male collection) from Mont Blanc
Gloss in 'Orgasm' from NARS
Blush in 'Super orgasm' also from NARS
Tiffany Notes 'A' alphabet disc charm pendant from Tiffany & Co.
Mustard Thurley clutch, similar can be found at ASOS

By night:

Black relaxed pant from Seed
'Casablanca' blazer from Indiana by Freda
Gold 'Hide & seek' bangle from Louis Vuitton
Blush in 'Super orgasm' from NARS
'Honey child' sparkle dust from Napoleon
'Saint Germain' lipstick from MAC
Reva black leather clutch from Tory Burch


  1. Looking stunning Mrs Bouw!! I love seeing how people put outfits together, very keen to try some Inglot nail polish now :) x x x

    1. Thanks gorgeous! And yes, jump on the Inglot polish band wagon... one of my favs since becoming a Mumma as it really does try so quickly!!! xxx

  2. Oh these pants are amazing!!! You look great, and I think they would probably be a good investment for a pregnant mumma like me, right?! They look so comfy! Have to look for one to buy over here! Thank you for the inspiration and it's great you're back!!!

    1. Hi lovely! Thank-you, it's good to be back :) Yes, they are so versatile and great when you've got kids! But more importantly, congratulations on your pregnancy!!! When are you due?! xxx

  3. Elegant fashion is a expression - an artistic one even. Fashion as a status symbol or branding yourself, not so elegant.

  4. I absolutely love your style (both home decor and clothes) hopefully some of it rubs off on me :-) I was so happy when I found you on instagram!

    1. Oh that's so sweet of you to say :) What name do you go by on Instagram?! xxx


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