Get the look Junior: Sibling kindy photos and 'THAT' green dress!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today Allegra had her first ever school photos taken! Late last week when the teachers asked me if I wanted some sibling photos taken aswell, of course I replied with a big fat yes... but then realised that it didn't leave me much time to find the girls an outfit each. As a busy Mum of two, I generally browse the net before hitting the shops so I have a rough idea of what I am looking for. Last weekend Allegra spied me on the iPad and wandered on over to see what I was looking at. When she discovered I was on the hunt for a new dress for her photos, she picked up the iPad, ran her eyes over the images, pointed at the screen and exclaimed 'THAT one Mum!' I looked at her choice and slowly replied 'That one? The green one? Are you sure? It's VERY green darling... how about this pink one or that floral one?!' To which she replied 'No Mum, I would like the green one please. That's the dress I want to wear for my photos!'. Well, how could I argue with that! My girl knows what she wants and her eye for clothing hasn't failed her (or me!) in the past so the green dress it was! As for Anya, well I wanted the girls dresses to compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy so I thought this vintage floral dress (from the same brand) was just the perfect outfit for a little sister :) When I went to collect Allegra from school today I asked how the photos went and they gave me a sticky beak at the group shot... AND guess who was sitting front and centre standing out like a bright shining star?! My darling Allegra in her VERY green dress! Oh and of course my little Narnie Bananie looked at sweet as pie... love my girls!!! See for yourself :)

Get the look:

Allegra's 'Spearmint Muslin Dress' by Fred Bare (I purchased from David Jones at 25% off)
'High Shine' sandals from Seed 
Cocorita yellow fabric hair rosette purchased from Bonza Brats
Anya's 'Vintage Floral Dress' also by Fred Bare (purchased from David Jones at 25% off)
Amber teething necklace purchased from Bonza Brats but similar available here


  1. Oh your girls are just so precious! I love your 'Get The Look' Junior posts Son, always great to know where other Mum's find fab outfits, especially when they have such great style ;) Have just ordered a couple of the hair rosettes for Ava :) Thanks so much for sharing. A x x

    1. Thanks for your feedback lovely! I'm glad these posts are helping some of my fellow Mummy's :) You'll love the rosettes, they're gorgeous! I also bought in a polka dot :) Be sure to share some pics once Ava is wearing them :) xxx

  2. your girls look beautiful in colorful clothes!!!! love the green dress

    1. Thanks gorgeous! Funnily enough, I love the green dress too! hee hee xxx

  3. Gorgeous girls, Sonja. Allegra really does have an eye for fashion!


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