Anya and Allegra's Joint Birthday Party!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Despite a last minute change of venue (due to unpredictable weather and storm forecasts) the girls party was a success! We live in a terrace house with lots of stairs so it's not the most ideal house to entertain large groups but we managed to accommodate 60+ guests (half kids, half adults) with no real problems at all. We did some last minute furniture shifting swapping all the furniture from the lounge room into the formal dining room and vice versa (which funnily enough we quite like so we may just leave it like that for a little while!) but besides that I think it turned out to be much easier having it at home rather than lugging all the stuff to a venue! And the most important thing of all is that both girls had an absolute ball... Allegra in particular. She woke up through the night in tears and when I asked her what was wrong she muttered through the sobs 'Oh I am just so sad that everyone has left my party. It was the best party ever!' Bless :) Anyway, I thought I'd share some pics with you as well as the details of where most of the items are from... enjoy! x

The whole inspiration for the party stemmed from the absolutely stunning invitations I had custom made through Le Papier Studio. I had a vision and the amazing Vana Chupp helped me bring it to life. They were beyond perfect! Vana was such a delight to work with! Honestly, some of the best customer service I have had in a very long time.  I cannot thank her enough. Once I had a colour palette to work with I began trawling the net for goodies and fell in love with these cupcake wrappers from Dress My Cupcake and Amazon.
Just after the invitations arrived, I remembered I had bought a copy of Vana's book 'Pretty Paper Parties' months ago, long before I had even thought to engage her to create the invites for me. As soon as I opened it and saw that most of the paper in it matched perfectly with my colour theme I had a light globe moment and decided to go that one extra step and line the envelopes. Just when I thought the invitations couldn't possibly get any more beautiful... voila! :)
Vana also made the cupcake toppers for me... aren't they adorable! I made the giant paper rosettes myself (there are plenty of tutorials online if you just google) and the spotted heart paper I purchased from Etsy seller Huggable Me for... wait for it... $3.00! I was pretty happy with myself for coming up with the idea as it meant I could just print as many pieces of paper as I pleased... much cheaper than buying paper! Given I needed large pieces of paper for the rosettes it was cheaper and easier for me to have them done at a local print shop. You will see below I also used the paper for several other party items!
Up until recently I had never dressed my girls in the same outfit but have now done so a few times in the last couple of weeks... what have I started! I always said I wouldn't hee hee. Their sweet 'Limoncelli' party dresses are from Bardot Junior and as you will see below they both looked just darling! :)
Allegra Isobel @ 3 years old and Anya Lucille @ 1 year old... love them more than anything! xxx
I baked x30 of these delicious mini sugar cookies, iced them with white royal icing and then very carefully topped them with the edible icing toppers I had printed through Custom Icing. They were much easier to make than I thought they would be and at just $18 for the custom toppers, these sweet biscuits were probably one of the things I was most pleased with. They were seriously so cute! 
Here's a close up of the stunning cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers! I kept it simple by baking my vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing as they seem to be a winner with both adults and children.
For those who didn't see the DIY Paper Bow tutorial I posted a few weeks ago, you can find it here. I am still obsessed with these super simple and super effective paper bows I used for the party favour bags. Again, the paper I used to make these was purchased as a digital file from Huggable Me and they were made complete with my custom made 'thank-you for coming stickers' from Le Papier Studio.
The super sweet mini milk bottles were purchased from the lovely Leanne of Sweet Style. I then covered with a small strip of my heart paper and finished it off with some custom stickers also from Le Papier Studio. I managed to find some matching straws to go with the one Vana used on the cupcake toppers and purchased them from Little Red Chick. Some of you may have seen my macaron crisis on Instagram, thankfully we don't live to far from the CBD so I was able to pick up some last minute replacements from Laduree. I purchased the eco-friendly forks from Wheel and Barrow and covered the front with some more of the paper from my 'Pretty Paper Parties' book.
Here'a a closer shot of the table. The white 'milk glass' cake stands were also purchased from Sweet Style. The bargain nesting jars I used to house the lollies were purchased from Kmart for just $15 each and the candy jar and clear glass cake dome are also from Wheel & Barrow.
Another purchase from Sweet Style, these Icecream pail favour cups were perfect for some yummy fruit salad which I dressed up with some more of my paper! The ones that weren't eaten at the party made for another great little take home treat!
Each year I plan on having the cake made by someone else and each year I just can't help myself. There is something about making the Birthday cake that makes me so content. This years cake was a deliciously moist white chocolate mud cake with vanilla buttercream icing. And a Bouw party wouldn't be a Bouw party without some of my infamous Rocky Road now would it :)
Here's a close up of the cake along with the DIY cake bunting I made.  I cut up a few of the cupcake wrappers to make the little flags so that the colours and patterns would tie in nicely. Again, there are plenty of tutorials available online.
To make these chocolate bars I simply removed the wrappers from a heap of Cadbury 'Furry Friends', covered them with my heart paper and again topped with my custom made stickers.
The day was so chaotic we didn't manage to get very many family photos (it's hard enough to get both girls to look at the camera on a good day) so these few will have to do! My three favourite people :)
I captured this photo as Allegra sat on the front door step and watched the last of her guests leave... bless. I think it's fair to say she had a very special day! 
So there you have it, another year, another party! I've already told myself I'm not going to bother with a party next year... give me six months or so and I'm sure I'll change my mind ;)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Well done!
    Now I just need to start a family so I can plan a gorgeous wee party too! I love baking but would love the chance to do so on a grand scale! So much fun!

  2. Job well done! Everything looked awesome. =)

  3. Wow, this is so impressing! I love the colour scheme and the cake topping is amazing!!! You must have been hours and hours working on everything! xxx silke

  4. What an adorable and so pretty party, well done. Did you make the canopy for the table, or buy it? I haven't seen that done before - and it really has the "wow" factor! What lucky little girls

  5. Well done! What lucky girls Allegra and Anya are to have such a clever mummy. Beautifully styled and presented...but i'd expect nothing less from you! Amazing x

  6. Everything looked exquisite Son! Love all of your attention to detail. Also I love the girls in matching dresses. Too cute! x

  7. Happy birthday to your girls!!! Such a gorgeous party. Love everything about it. The cake, the invitations, the take home bags. Everything!

  8. Wow! What a beautiful birthday party - i love party planning and these details and colours are adorable. Glad I found your blog sweet lady x

  9. Hello lovely, can I please bother you for your sugar cookie recipe? x

    1. Hi lovely! Ahhh, I am so sorry! I had replied to your note above a week or so ago but have just noticed it's not there so I'm not sure what went wrong! I just thought I'd let you now that I have just shared the recipe for my sugar cookies in a new blog post :) xxx


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