Tutorial: DIY Perfect Paper Bows!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen these adorable paper bows I made for my girl's favour bags for their upcoming party! I've been promising for a week or so now to share this simple DIY with you all. I can't take all the credit as I found this brilliant tutorial on the wonderful How About Orange blog (do yourself a favour a check out Jessica Jones' super crafty blog, it won't disappoint!) but thought I'd share my own photos :)

You will need:

- Scissors
- Hot glue gun or craft glue
- A grey lead pencil (I used a fine liner for this tutorial as it was a little clearer for the photographs)
- Patterned paper of your choice
- Bow template downloaded here from How about Orange. I needed my bows to be slightly smaller than this template so I used the template as a guide and then used freehand to sketch to the size I needed.

Step 1: Cut out the three pieces from your bow template, these will now be your stencils (below).

Step 2: Turn your paper patterned side down and use the stencils cut from the template to trace your three pieces (below). The size of your bow will depend on how many you get per page. If you use the template from How about Orange you will get x2 bows per page.

Step 3: Cut the pieces from your patterned paper.

Step 4: Take the longest piece and turn is so your pattern is facing down and you are looking at the blank side. Take the two ends and bend them back into the centre and fix with glue.

Step 5: Layer the curled piece on top of the medium sized piece so they are lined up nicely. Then take the smallest piece and wrap it around the centre and secure with a little more glue at the back. Voila!!!

Aren't they just fantastic!

And they can be used in so many different ways! I love this DIY so much that I made a heap over the weekend to dress up my girls' Birthday pressies!
  So simple yet so affective right?! Now to make some for Christmas :) Enjoy! x


  1. Ooh these are adorable! Gift wrapping this gorgeous would almost stop me from wanting to open the actual present! Any chance you will be sharing your christmas colour schemes soon? I would love to do these for christmas aswell but i do not have one creative bone in my body so co-ordinating patterns and colours is impossible!

    1. Hiya LB! Oh I'd be more than happy to share my Christmas colour scheme... once I have one! haha Once the girl's party is over I'll start to think about Chrissy! And don't be so hard on yourself, just remember that there are no real rules... as long as some of the colours tie in you can mix all kinds of patterns and colours! xxx

  2. I'm obsessed with these! They look phenomenal.

    Please share where you got the colored spotty wrapping paper from?

    1. Hi lovely! I found that delightful spotty wrapping at a newsagent! I know right! I know what I like when it comes to paper and patterns etc. so whenever I see a roll of something I like, I grab it! xxx

  3. These look fab Son! Love the paper choice too xx

  4. Hey Son these look fantastic. I'm going to attempt some for a party this weekend.
    PS. Your girls party preparations are looking oh so fabulous. Everything is devine. Where on earth do you find the time to do all these crafty things while having to cook, clean, wash, iron and everything else. Do you simply just run on turbo?

    1. Hi gorgeous! I have been thinking of you, Cheech and the girls... I'll send you a PM on Facey :) xxx

  5. LOVE these Son. Thanks for sharing. I'm about to print and use to wrap both my step daughter's and one of my girlfriend's b'day prezzies. Where is the Chevron paper from?? I'd love to get it in red for Xmas.


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